How To Add "Sports Plus" To Your YouTube TV Account

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After a few hints that it was coming, YouTube TV has finally announced its new Sports Plus package. And it is available to add to your account right now.

The only question right now is, how exactly do you add it to your account? That's the question we are going to aim to answer here.

What is Sports Plus?

Sports Plus is a new add-on package (in fact the first, add-on package for YouTube TV). It is going to give you access to a boatload of new sports channels, it'll cost you $10.99 per month.


The channels that are included in this package are: NFL RedZone, Fox College Sports, GolTV, Fox Soccer Plus, MAVTV Motorsports Network, TVG, and Stadium.

This is an add-on for YouTube TV, so you are not seeing a price hike this time. But those that want access to those channels, will have to pay the $10.99/month for them. It's a better deal than paying for them individually, as these would likely cost around $5 each.

The NFL Network is not included in this package, and that is because YouTube TV is adding it to everyone's account. So it's included for "free", with your core YouTube TV account. Which is a good move by YouTube TV, as that is something that most of its customers have been wanting to be added for many years.

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How to add Sports Plus to your YouTube TV

Firstly, open the YouTube TV app, or go to

Now, tap on your profile picture in the corner.

Screen Shot 2020 09 03 at 1 12 05 PM


Next, tap on settings.

From there, the first tab should be "Membership".

Screen Shot 2020 09 03 at 1 11 57 PM


You will see the different add ons that you can add to your account. Sports Plus should be at the top, unless you have other add-ons on your account. For example, in the image above, it is below HBO MAX, since I have added HBO MAX to my account.

Just tick the check box next to Sports Plus.

Screen Shot 2020 09 03 at 1 11 46 PM


Now, YouTube TV will let you know that your subscription to Sports Plus will start immediately, and use your 7-day free trial. It will also tell you that you will be charged a prorated rate – and that amount will depend on when your billing date is. Then the $10.99 will be added to your normal $64.99 price of YouTube TV going forward. And you can cancel anytime.

Just click on "Purchase" and you'll be all set. Now you have all of those channels available on YouTube TV.