How To Add Arlo Cameras To Google Home

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Arlo is easily one of the best smart home camera makers on the planet and one of the best features of its cameras is how they can be used when linked up to the Google smart home ecosystem. Namely, via Google Home.

But that doesn’t mean it’s an easy task to accomplish, particularly if you aren’t well versed in the deeper settings of the Google Home app. So this guide takes a closer look at how you can link your Arlo account — and any associated cameras or other gadgets that are compatible — with Google Home.

What exactly does this do?

In terms of what you’ll get out of linking Arlo and Google Home, the results will vary. That is, depending on which devices you link.


With cameras, you’ll have ready access via voice or Google Home devices and apps. That includes control for checking the cameras and interacting with some key controls. You’ll also get access to notifications and alerts you’ve set up from your cameras. That means that you won’t have to pull your phone out all of the time. Or at least not if you happen to be near an Assistant-enabled display, for instance.

That helps your Google Home products, such as the Nest Hub or your Google Home app, function more efficiently as a single-point access hub for your entire smart home.

Here’s how you can add Arlo-branded cameras to your Google Home ecosystem

Now, before performing this setup, you will need to first set up your Arlo cameras using the Arlo app. That’s a process in its own right. But that will ensure that first, you have an Arlo account and, second, that you have cameras associated with that account. That way, when you go to add your Arlo cameras to your Google Home ecosystem, you won’t have to wonder how it is that your cameras aren’t showing up.


You should also complete this process on a smartphone, tablet, or other app-enabled gadget using the same gadget that you have signed into the Arlo app with. That will make the process easier.

Once that’s complete, your next step will be to open the Google Home app itself. Then tap the “Plus” symbol at the top right-hand corner of the main page UI of that app. As shown in our sample image below.


Next, select the “Set up a device” option, located near the top of the resulting page.

Google will offer you options for adding a new device. You can add new devices made by Google or Nest using the first option. Or any device that comes in a box labeled “Seamless Setup with the Google Home App.”

But to add your Arlo cameras to Google Home, you’ll need to learn to follow a different set of steps. So select “Works with Google” to link up your existing devices or accounts.


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The result will be a page labeled “Home control.”

On that page, is a list of services supported by Google Home. It’s an extensive list that includes any account-associated brand that’s compatible with Google Home to any extent. And that means it can take a not-insignificant length of time to navigate and scroll through. So, instead, we’ll perform a search for the appropriate service. As should always be the first thing you try when navigating this list.


Namely, by selecting the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page and entering “Arlo” to perform a search.

When the search is complete, you’ll need to select “Arlo” from the top of the list.


Google Home will open a new window, labeled “Link an account to control Arlo on any device,” with a “Continue” or “Cancel” button. This will link your Arlo account to your Google account and your Google Home devices. Allowing you to control and view the cameras made by Arlo on those gadgets and with those gadgets. As well as offering up some control for some features. Select Continue.

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The next page you see will ask you to Link Arlo with Google again, but this time from the Arlo side of the equation.


So you should see your own email referenced, and associated with the Arlo account. That’s if you’re using the same device you set up Arlo on. The same email should be used for both accounts for ease. You can also select “Change account” if the email isn’t right. But it’s easier to associate all of your smart home products with the same account for management purposes.

Select whichever option you need to. Then select the “Agree and link” button, after checking that you agree to the terms. Otherwise, cancel.

After that finishes up, you’ll be taken back to the page for adding devices. More directly, that’s the “Add and manage” page pictured above.

You can now back out to the main page of the Google app, using the back-arrow and “x” icons at the top of the pages. When you arrive back at the home page, you can now scroll to the bottom and see a segment labeled “Linked to you.”

Your Arlo camera or cameras and devices will be shown below that segment. So the next logical step will be learning how to move your cameras to a new room or an existing one in your smart home. That will help you keep your devices organized and make things easier to access. For instance, in this case, we’ll be moving the camera back to the “Cat Room” segment or room. Since it is, after all, a “cat room” camera.

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