How To Stop T-Mobile From Selling Your Data To Advertisers

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T-Mobile quietly announced this week, that it was going to start selling your browsing data to advertisers.

Unfortunately, all of T-Mobile’s customers are automatically opted in to allowing this data to be sold. But, you can still opt out. However, you don’t have long. You have to opt out before April 26, 2021. So today, we’re going to show you how to opt out of this option on T-Mobile.

What data is T-Mobile going to sell?

The biggest question is, what data is T-Mobile actually going to sell? And according to their privacy policy update, it will begin sharing web browsing and mobile app usage with advertisers.


This how T-Mobile explains it on their support page:

“When we sell audience segments, we do not sell information that directly identifies customers, like name, address, or email. Rather, audience segments are associated with mobile advertising IDs, which are long set of numbers and letters. For example, this might say something like “2drdn43np2cMapen084″ is a sports enthusiast.”

This type of data selling isn’t really new, other carriers do it, as well as Google. But not everyone wants that data out there where advertisers can grab it and better target ads and such. So luckily you can opt out.


How To Stop T-Mobile From Selling Your Data To Advertisers

First up, you’ll need to login to your My T-Mobile account. Either on the app or on its website.

Next, click the “Account” option at the top of the page.

Then click on “Profile Settings”.


Next, click on “Privacy and Notifications” on the profile page.

Then click on the “Advertising & Analytics” link there.

Now click on your name so that you can change the settings for your phone line. This will need to be done for each line, unfortunately.


Simply disable the right slider for “Use my data to make ads more relevant to me”. And that is going to prevent T-Mobile from sharing your data.

And that’s it, you will need to do that for each line. If you’d like a video on how to do this, T-Mobile’s own Des has released one on the T-Mobile YouTube channel, which you can see down below.