Here's How To Find Your YouTube Music Year-In-Review Recap 2021

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YouTube Music has officially launched its Year-in-Review-like 2021 Recap feature. As its branding suggests, that’s designed to bring all of the stats anybody could want for their listening history. But, of course, those stats aren’t just figures. They come in a format that’s readily interactive, complete with playlists and sharing for those who might want that.

However, unlike some other features, this one isn’t necessarily the easiest to discover naturally. So let’s take a closer look to see just how you can access your own personal YouTube Music 2021 Recap.

Here’s where YouTube tucked its Year-in-Review Music Recap for 2021

Now, learning how to get to your YouTube Music Year-in-Review Recap for 2021 couldn’t be any easier. It also really couldn’t be more counter-intuitive. Typically, when YouTube releases a new feature for any of its apps, that feature is placed front and center. Even for features that are limited-time-only or relatively obscure, such as this one. They’re ordinarily presented the moment you open the app, in the form of a pop-up banner or card.


In stark contrast, this one is hidden quite a bit more deeply. And is, in fact, found in a menu that it’s unlikely most users will even visit. At the very least, most won’t be visiting the menu often. Let alone often enough to discover the feature naturally via simple navigation. And the company isn’t putting up a banner or card at all. Although some users may actually receive an email about the new feature.

So let’s go through the process for how to get to your 2021 YouTube Music Year-in-Review Recap step by step.

  1. The obvious first step is going to be opening YouTube Music. That’s specifically going to need to be the app for YouTube Music, as opposed to the web version. As that latter version does not, as of this writing at least, appear to show the feature
  2. Once YouTube Music is open, you’ll need to access your profile menu. That’s easily accomplished via a tap on your profile image, tucked away at the top-right-hand corner of the UI. If you haven’t set a user profile image, the image will show the first letter of your Google Account username
  3. Look for an option that reads “2021 Recap” in the resulting profile menu. That specifically appears between the options labeled “History” and “Paid memberships”
  4. Tap — or click on other platforms — the “2021 Recap” option. That’s denoted by a rewind icon
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What’s on the recap page?

Now, as to what, exactly, the YouTube 2021 Recap is, that’s going to vary depending on how you’ve used the service. Specifically, how you’ve used the service for the past year. Starting with a 2021 Recap playlist. As shown in the images above, that’s because the recap is not just stats. It’s also a series of sharable playlists from the past 365 days. And a selection of statistics about that listening. Covering several different categories.


In the images above, most of the songs listed on my YouTube Music 2021 Recap page are the result of how many audio gadgets I’ve tested this year. In fact, the overwhelming majority of the entries are taken directly from my tester playlist. This explains how Weird Al Yankovic’s NOW That’s What I Call Polka! was my “On Repeat” entry. Or more precisely, why I listened to it 8 times in a single week, according to YouTube.

In addition to showcasing a title in that category, though, YouTube Music also gives you more details. For instance, it tells you which YouTube Music-generated mix you listened to most often. Which “Chill Vibe” song was listened to for the longest and which “Energy Anthem” are also included. In our example, respectively, Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car and Mindless Self Indulgence’s Shut Me Up. While the “Discovered Artist” for my page — technically, rediscovered — was Live.

Finally, the page details which song you listened to the most, which artist was played the longest, and which of your playlists was played most often. As hinted, for our sample images, those were chiefly from the above-mentioned “Tester” playlist.


But those results are going to vary significantly from user to user. And individual cards on the YouTube Music 2021 Recap page can be shared at a click or added to playlists via the plus-shaped button.