Holiday Gift Ideas 2021: Roborock H7 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Roborock H7 6

If you’re unsure what to get someone on your list this year, a great holiday gift idea is the Roborock H7. This is a cordless stick vacuum from Roborock that offers up a really great cleaning experience.

The Roborock H7 is comparable to any Dyson cordless stick vacuum, but for nearly half the price. And some have even said that it is more powerful.

Roborock H7 sports 160AW of constant suction power

Roborock has a pretty powerful motor inside the H7. It is able to sport 160AW of constant suction power. Now for most people, that means nothing. In the real world, that means that it can get up all of the dirt and dust on your floors and furniture, even that you don’t see. The most stubborn dog hair is no match for the H7.


There are three different cleaning modes on the H7, with the Max Mode only lasting for about 30 minutes. While the normal mode can work for about two and a half hours. Honestly, I use the Max Mode all the time, since I’m not cleaning for long. As the robot vacuum cleans most of the home pretty nicely.

There is a nice OLED screen on the handle that gives you a ton of information about the vacuum. This includes whether it is locked or not, how much time is left on the battery and what mode you’re in.

Roborock is using a Lithium Polymer battery in the H7, which is lighter, and lasts longer. This is how the H7 is able to weigh less than the competition while also lasting longer at the same time.


Roborock’s MagBase is impressive

Roborock ships the H7 with a number of accessories. These are all included in the box: Magbase dock, Multi-Surface Brush, Baton, Motorized Mini Brush, Flex Tube, Dusting Brush, and a Crevice Tool. So how you are going to keep track of it all? Easy. With the MagBase.

So on the H6, Roborock used a clicking mechanism to keep the attachments on the base. With the H7, it’s done with magnets. This allows the user to just attach the different attachments to the base anywhere. And it allows it to take up a smaller footprint.

Magnets are becoming more and more impressive, first with the Roborock H7, and then with cars in F9.


The Roborock H7 is not a cheap cordless stick vacuum, but honestly, it is well worth the price, and it’ll make a great gift this year. This comes from someone that has used the H7 since it launched this summer.

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