Holiday Gift Ideas 2021: Govee Immersion Kit

Govee Immersion Kit WiFi TV Backlight Light Bars 01

One of the best gifts that you can pick up for a couch potato, is the Govee Immersion Kit. And that’s why the Govee Immersion Kit is one of our holiday gift ideas this year.

There are two big reasons why it is being highlighted here. For one, it’s pretty inexpensive, while still offering a really great experience. The Govee Immersion Kit comes in at $149, which is far lower than a comparable product from Philips Hue – their HDMI Sync Box is $250 by itself, never mind the lights.

Govee can sync the lights with what is on your TV screen

The Govee Immersion Kit isn’t just lights on the back of your TV. It’s a lot more than that. This kit will match the colors that are on the screen of your TV. How is that done? Well, you do need to have a camera either on top, or on the bottom of your TV. This camera tells the lights what colors it needs to display. The camera is a 1080p HD Intelligent Camera, and with a higher resolution, you’re going to get more accurate color recognition.


The kit includes two light bars, along with a LED strip that goes around the back of your TV. Now Govee makes this for 50-65″ TVs, but it can be used on larger TVs. You may need to adjust how close to the edge that you put the LED strip on the back.

This all plugs into a box that is mounted on the back of your TV, and connects to your phone. You can use this with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well, to turn it on and off (and more) with your voice.

There are over 32 animated lighting scenes available with the Govee Immersion Kit. So you can stick with the lights syncing with your TV, or you can stick with a solid color or another scene.


I’ve actually used this on my 65-inch TV for a few months now, and absolutely love it. And I’ll be buying it as a gift this holiday season. Remember, we will never recommend something that we would not or have not bought ourself.

You can buy the Govee Immersion Kit right now over at Amazon. It’s available for $149 right now, and may not drop much for Black Friday.

Govee Immersion Kit - Amazon