Holiday Gift Ideas 2021: Abel Streaming Kit

Abel streaming kit featured

Buying gifts for people can be really difficult, it all depends on the person. Some people are easy to read, and you know them well enough to know exactly what to get them. Others are a mystery, even if you know them well enough. Luckily, there are all sorts of products available on Amazon, and after some browsing, you can find really interesting offerings. So, for example, we have a rather interesting holiday gift idea for you today, for someone who is planning to delve into streaming, or is already streaming but needs some better equipment for it. This time around, our holiday gift idea is the Abel streaming kit.

There are three products included in this streaming kit

This kit brings your three products in one package. You’ll get a microphone, a webcam, and what seems to be a source of light for your face. Now, these three products can get you going if you’re planning to do some streaming.

This microphone comes with a stand, and it is a noise-canceling mic. The sound you’ll get from it is better than the one you’d get from a pair of regular headphones or something of the sort. It also looks kind of interesting with the gold accent up top.


In regards to the camera, it’s a fullHD camera and it records up to 30 fps. It has facial enhancement technology, and it does offer manual focus, in case you need it. You can also take pictures with it easily.

The small circular light can be attached to basically anything thanks to its design. Once you attach it to your desk, for example, you can adjust it any way you want.

The listing says that all of these products are compatible with Windows OS, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Smart TVs, Android… well, pretty much anything. You’ll also get a one-year warranty.


Do note that this kit is great for beginners, but it’s far from the best you can get. That’s why it’s so affordable, by the way. You can get this entire package for only 84.99.

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