Holiday Gift Ideas 2021: Amazon Smart Thermostat

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Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be a bit tricky. And we are here to help. While we have already put together 14 different gift guides that should help you find something for everyone, we are now putting together some other gift ideas that you can choose from.

Today, we’re going to tell you why the Amazon Smart Thermostat is a perfect Holiday Gift Idea this year.

The Amazon Smart Thermostat comes in at $59.99. That is much, much cheaper than other smart thermostats on the market today. Most other smart thermostats are at least $100, or more. How is this so cheap? Well, Amazon is selling this thermostat to help the environment. It’s going to save you money, and help the environment as you’ll be running your heat and/or AC less.


Amazon isn’t just helping the environment by making a smart thermostat though. About a third of this product was made from post-consumer recycled plastics. The packaging was also made from wood fiber-based materials and responsibly manager forests or recycled sources. Finally, it was designed for energy efficiency and has the ENERGY STAR certification.

It works with Alexa, but there’s no microphone or speaker inside

Privacy is always an important aspect of all of these smart home products, and Amazon is making sure that everyone knows there is no microphone or speaker inside this thermostat.

While it does work with Alexa, you will need another compatible Alexa-enabled device. Like an Echo Dot, or the Alexa app.


With the Amazon Smart Thermostat, Alexa is able to do the programming for you. It is able to automatically adjust the temperature to suite your preferences. It can also be set to your preferred temperature if you’re home, away or asleep.

You’ll be able to use your voice to set the temperature, whether you’re home or not.

Now, you may be worried about the build quality of this thermostat. Since it is Amazon’s first thermostat. But Amazon worked with Resideo (the makers of Honeywell Home Thermostat Technology) to make this smart thermostat. So you can rest assured that this thermostat will work as you want it to.


The Amazon Smart Thermostat is a great holiday gift idea for any homeowner, as it provides the convenience of adjusting the temperature of your home, and it’s good for the environment. And who would have an issue with helping the environment?

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