The Pixel 6 Has The Best Camera Bump Design

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Like it or not, the Google Pixel 6 series has the best designed camera bump.

Why? The biggest reason is because it stretches across the entire back of the phone. This means that the phone doesn’t wobble when you use it on a table. That’s a big deal, because we all use our phones while they are sitting on a table, for various reasons.

Of course, having a flat camera bump, would definitely be better. Like LG did with its last smartphones like the G8 ThinQ. It’s kind of crazy that no OEMs are willing to make the camera bump flush with the back of the phone. As no one would really complain about a thicker phone. Since that would definitely give users a larger battery in their phone. And who doesn’t want a larger battery and better battery life?


There are a few other reasons why this design is the best, short of making it flush with the rest of the phone. So let’s go over those.

The camera bar gives your finger a place to rest

This is something you like wouldn’t think about until you actually use the Pixel 6 or the Pixel 6 Pro. But the camera bar does help to give your finger a place to rest when holding the phone. This is great for two reasons.

Firstly, it means that it is easier to hold the phone. Given the fact that both Pixel 6 models are fairly large, this is very useful. We love big phones, but they are still big, and hard to hold onto from time to time.


Secondly, it also means that you won’t be getting fingerprints onto the camera. That is also important, and actually more important than giving your finger a place to rest. Because most of us just whip out our phones and take a photo. That doesn’t work when you need to wipe off the camera because it has fingerprints on it. That also results in slightly blurry photos. That’s not what we want to see.

It keeps you from putting your finger over the camera when taking photos

The camera bar is also not all the way at the top of the phone. It’s a bit lower than the top, which gives you a place to hold your phone, while taking photos in landscape. That’s pretty good, and makes it feel more like a real camera.

Sony actually did this a few years ago on its smartphones. It put the camera array a bit lower on the back of the phone, closer to the middle. But because it was mostly flush – the phone curved quite a bit on the back – it continued to get covered by your fingers when holding the phone naturally.


But, by using this camera bar, there’s a little lip available to keep your finger from going over it. Which is very useful.

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The camera bar gives Google more space for different sensors

Another added benefit of the camera bar is that it gives Google more space to add in different sensors and aspects for the camera. Without having to redesign the phone again next year. Smartphone makers don’t redesign their phones every year, and there’s no real need to do so, anyways. It’s typically every 2-3 years or longer. The Pixel has really only had four different designs throughout the years.


Currently, we have three cameras on the Pixel 6 Pro along with the flash in that bar. But there is space to add some other things. Maybe a LiDAR or a Time of Flight sensor. Though the latter seems to have been a trend that has died off now – partly due to LG giving up on smartphones now.

But, it does mean that Google has some space to play with. Of course, the existing sensors do already use a lot of space on the back of the phone. Especially on the Pixel 6 Pro.

It’s nowhere near as ugly as some competitors

Let’s face it, this camera bar looks way better than basically any other camera bump out there. It looks much better than what the iPhone 13 has. Which, I’m sure you’ve seen the memes of it looking like a stove.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra AH 05

It’s slightly better than what Samsung has on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. I still really like that camera bump, since it does melt into the side of the phone. But because it is so thick, and only on one side of the phone, it does wobble on the table quite a bit.

The OnePlus 9 series is also pretty decent, as far as camera bumps go. But again, it’s going to wobble on the table. While this camera bar does not.


It stands out, and says “PIXEL”

Since the beginning of Pixel, Google has made design decisions that make the phone scream “PIXEL” to those passing by. Normally the design on the backside does this. The first-generation Pixel had that huge glass window at the top. The second and third Pixels had a much smaller glass window on the back, with the camera being in a square in the corner.

Pixel 4 and 5 had glass and metal backs respectively, leaving out the window that was made famous by the Pixel. And now with the Pixel 6, we have the camera bar. And it’s no mistaking it. If you see someone with a phone with this camera bar, you’re going to know that it is the Pixel 6. And that’s what Google is going for here.

Say you walk into a carrier store, what’s going to set the Pixel apart from the many Samsung and Motorola phones out there? The camera bar (as well as the camera quality). And that’s what Google wants.


Wrap Up

I’m sure a lot of you do not agree with me here, about the camera bar on the Pixel 6. But that’s okay. That’s what an opinion is. After having used basically every flagship released in the last few years, I’m sure that this is the best design for a camera bump so far. It’ll be interesting to see how this evolves over the next couple of years though.