The Google Nest Hub Max Has Never Been Cheaper

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The Nest Hub Max is already on sale for just $169, over at Adorama. That beats its all-time low by about $10. And that’s going to save you $60 off of the Nest Hub Max.

This is a really great price for the Nest Hub Max. Really, any time it drops below $200, it makes it a great time to buy. But now that it is just $169, it makes it really intriguing. Especially if you already use a lot of Google Assistant products in your home.

The Nest Hub Max is a larger smart display from Google. It sports a 10.1-inch display, and it has the Google Assistant inside, of course. There is also a Nest Cam built-in, so that you are able to keep an eye on your home, when you’re not home.


Having a smart display is really nice actually. Seeing as visual Google Assistant is even more helpful. That’s because you are able to see things like the weather, or control your smart home devices, with an actual screen instead of using your voice. But perhaps the best feature is allowing you to use a photo gallery on the display. So you can pictures of your family and friends, or your pets, or something else. Which is really cool.

Of course, the Nest Hub Max is much more than just an expensive photo frame though. With a display, Google Assistant allows you to watch videos from YouTube, as well as showing you the latest news, instead of just reading it off to you, and so much more.

With a Nest Cam built-in, it can recognize who in the house is talking to Google Assistant. So if you say “Call Mom” it’ll call your mom and not your significant others’ mom. Which is really nice. It can also record only when you’re not at home, so you don’t need to worry about it spying on you.


You can pick up the Nest Hub Max from Google Shopping right now, by clicking here. 

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