Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale Pays You To Switch To Google Fi

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In Amazon’s Prime Early Access sale, you can pick up a Google Fi SIM card for just $7. So what about the title of this article? How are you getting paid to switch to Google Fi? Well, that $7 SIM card comes with a $10 credit on your first bill. Netting you $3. Now that’s not a lot, but hey, you’re still ending up with more money.

Now, you can actually get even more money back, if you opt for the Google Fi SIM Kit for the Simply Unlimited or Unlimited Plus plans. With the Google Fi Simply Unlimited SIM kit, it’s $35 and you’ll get a $50 credit for your first month (the price of the plan). With the Google Fi Unlimited Plus SIM Kit, it’s going to cost you $45 and you’ll get a $65 credit on your first month.

So if you’ve been looking to get into Google Fi, now is a great time to do just that.


Google Fi is a MVNO from Google that works on T-Mobile (and Sprint), as well as US Cellular’s network. But it will largely be on T-Mobile’s network since US Cellular is only available in a handful of markets. You can buy phones from Google Fi, but you are also able to bring over unlocked phones to use with it.

With Google Fi, there are three plans available. There’s the Flexible plan which charges you $20 per month for unlimited calls and texts, and then $10 per Gigabyte of data used. Google does have bill protection available on the Flexible plan, so once you hit a certain amount, your bill won’t increase and your data can continue to be used without seeing it slowed down.

The other two plans are unlimited. There’s Simply Unlimited for $50 and Unlimited Plus for $65. Both offer unlimited data, with Simply Unlimited being slowed at 35GB and Unlimited Plus at 50GB. You get hotspot tethering, which is limited to 5GB per month on Simply Unlimited, and fully unlimited on Unlimited Plus. Unlimited Plus also includes data for tablets and other devices, as well as 100GB of Google One storage.


You can pick up your Google Fi SIM cards from Amazon by clicking here.

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