Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Smartphone Mounts, Portable Chargers, Wall Chargers & More! Updated November 2021

00 Anker PowerCore 13000 charger presser for title image

When discussing any smartphone gift guide, it’s impossible to overlook the many available accessories. But there are, as often as not, far too many to thoroughly consider. Thankfully, that’s the entire purpose of this particular guide.

Android Headlines has spent a lot of time with smartphones of all stripes. And, conversely, a lot of time with accessories, whether that’s portable chargers, superior charging bricks, game controllers, or car mounts.

Of course, you’ll also find we’ve got a lot to say about speakers, smartwatches, headphones, and all the rest when it comes to this product category. And we’ve got you covered for those too in our gift guides. But these categories shouldn’t be overlooked either since they can have just as big an impact on the user experience.


So, without further ado, let’s dive into the best of these devices you can currently buy.

Product nameCostWhere to buy
Anker PowerCore 13000From $39.99Amazon
Anker PowerCore III$49.99Amazon
Omnicharge Omni 20+$199.00Amazon
ZeeHoo Wireless Fast Charging MountFrom $24.78Amazon
Mophie snap+ wireless vent mount$49.00Amazon
iOttie Auto Sense Cup Holder$59.95Amazon
ZealSound Qi-Certified Car Charge Slim Pad Station Dock & Phone Holder$24.95Amazon
Mophie Powerstation HubFrom $45.55Amazon
Anker PowerPort Atom IIIFrom $39.99Amazon
Nekteck 100W USB-C ChargerFrom $30.59Amazon
SteelSeries Stratus DuoFrom $46.71Amazon
Razer Kishi Mobile Game ControllerFrom $54.99Amazon

Anker PowerCore 13000

01 Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger presser gift guide smartphone accessories

  • Price: From $39.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

Now, as might be surmised by the branding, Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger is a 13,000mAh portable power bank. Built by well-known accessory maker Anker, it’s also packed with PowerIQ and VoltageBoost.


That means it supports fast charging, and to such an extent that it isn’t recommendable for products that support inputs at less than 50mA. For instance, many headphones and other Bluetooth accessories. It also utilizes USB-A for the output side. So, summarily, this isn’t the most advanced of smartphone accessories in our gift guide. But in exchange for that slight caveat, this charger will charge just about anything else quickly.

And it will do so at a starting price of under $40. With only a small increase for other color configurations. Better still, it will do so in a form factor that packs its two ports in an ultra-portable frame. One that measures just 3.8 x 3.1-inches at just 0.9-inches thin.

Anker PowerCore 13000 - Amazon


Anker PowerCore III

02 Anker Anker PowerCore III presser

  • Price: $49.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

In the same vein as the above smartphone accessories gift guide entry, as betrayed by its branding, is the Anker PowerCore III. This 0.77-inch slim-profile charger only comes in one color — namely, Black. It’s also somewhat larger at 5.89 x 2.7-inches. But it packs something its counterpart doesn’t. Well beyond the up to 18W of fast-charging via USB-C or USB-A.

That’s because it features Qi-certified Wireless charging up to 10W for phones, earbuds, or just about anything else that supports it. And it can do so even while the power bank itself is filling up to its 10,000mAh capacity. Via a pass-through feature that Anker calls “Desktop Mode.”


Perhaps best of all, it comes with a carry pouch to keep it looking fresh and a USB-C to USB-C cable included. All for under $50, making it a perfect stocking stuffer for those in need of some extra charge.

Anker PowerCore III - Amazon

Omnicharge Omni 20+

03 Omni 20 20000mah Laptop Power Bank presser gift guide smartphone accessories

  • Price: $159.95
  • Where to buy: Amazon

Power banks made for the everyday user are great. But if the person you’re buying for needs a lot more power to spare, Omnicharge Omni 20+ takes things to a different level.

At 20,000mah, this portable powerhouse supports far more than smartphones. Although it does support Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0. Where it stands out is as a way to reliably charge all the things. Via Adjustable DC power, AC, USB-C PD, Wireless charging, USB-A, pass-through charging, and solar charging, according to its Amazon listing. It even packs an easy-to-read display to show just how much charge is left and what each port is charging at.

Not least of all, it supports up to 100W charging for those who need to charge more. And that it holds a lot more charge for those who need to charge more often. All for under $160 with a USB-A and USB-C charging cable included.


Omnicharge Omni 20+ - Amazon

ZeeHoo Wireless Fast Charging Mount

04 ZeeHoo Wireless Fast Charging Mount presser

  • Price: From $24.78
  • Where to buy: Amazon

Shifting gears, if you’re looking for a product that wirelessly charges while you drive, the ZeeHoo Wireless Fast Charging Mount is well worth the look.


Not only does this wireless charging-enabled in-car mount offer up to 15W Qi fast charging. And not only does it clamp down firmly on your phone and release automatically. The latter with a simple touch on the side arms with a built-in power supply so it works even when you’ve unplugged it. This ZeeHoo charger is among the most versatile car mounts available too.

It ships with both a windshield or dash mount and an air vent clamp. So you, or whoever you’re gifting it to, can place it in either location. Without the need to buy more accessories.

ZeeHoo Wireless Fast Charging Mount - Amazon

mophie snap+ wireless vent mount

05 mophie snap wireless vent mount presser gift guide smartphone accessories

  • Price: From $49.00
  • Where to buy: Amazon

Staying in the same category, but for a gift guide entry that leans toward more sleek smartphone accessories is the mophie snap+. Coming from a well-known brand like mophie, this wireless charging mount is magnetic. And it supports snap and MagSafe cases too. So it’s a simple snap into the car’s air vent and then simply attaching the phone in place.

Moreover, it includes the snap adapter and USB-C Car Adapter. So getting set up is, well, a snap.

As far as the charging rate, that’s pretty good here too. In fact, for its just under $50 price tag, this wireless in-car mount charges up to 15W.

iOttie iTap 2 Wireless Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Air Vent Mount - Amazon

iOttie Auto Sense Cup Holder

06 iOttie Auto Sense Cup Holder Presser

  • Price: $59.95
  • Where to buy: Amazon

Now, not everybody wants to install a mount on their vent or dash. And not every air vent in every car supports that anyway. But almost every car does come with cup holders that are well-positioned to hold a phone mount. So the iOttie Auto Sense Cup Holder is yet another available option. And, for just under $60, of course, vent, dash, and CD player mounts are also available.

For the money, this mount slots into a cupholder via its easily adjustable base with an easy twist. And charges up smartphones via Qi-certified wireless charging. With charging cables hidden inside the cap and adjustable viewing angles, it also couldn’t be easier to use. All without mention of the motion-sensing technology used to automatically open and close the mount itself for one-handed operation.

iOttie Auto Sense Cup Holder - Amazon

ZealSound Qi-Certified Car Charge Slim Pad Station Dock & Phone Holder

07 ZealSound Qi Certified Car Charge Slim Pad Station Dock Phone Holderpresser gift guide smartphone accessories

  • Price: $24.95
  • Where to buy: Amazon

The last of the in-car smartphone-charging accessories in this gift guide takes things even further away from standard mounts. Working more similarly to how modern built-in in-vehicle charging works. And that’s because it’s a tray, meant to be placed on the dashboard, center console, or just about anywhere else the included USB QC 3.0 Adapter cable will reach.

The tray, once a phone is placed inside, offers up 10W or 7.5W Quick-Charging, depending on the device in question. Or, at just under $25, serves to keep your smartphone from sliding around, at the very least. And the tray itself is designed with an anti-slip silicone pad underneath. So it’s not going anywhere either.

Last, but not least, the ZealSound Qi-Certified Car Charge Slim Pad Station Dock & Phone Holder features temperature control, surge protection, short-circuit prevention, and more. All to keep your device safe while in use.

ZealSound Qi-Certified Car Charge Slim Pad Station Dock & Phone Holder - Amazon

mophie Powerstation Hub

08 Mophie powerstation hub presser

  • Price: $45.55
  • Where to buy: Amazon

Smartphone charging accessories are now all but a necessity since more OEMs aren’t including them anymore, and the next product in our gift guide seeks to address that. Dubbed the mophie Powerstation Hub, this travel-ready charger does, in fact, go much further.

To begin with, it charges at up to 18W via USB-C PD output. With full support for QuickCharge 3.0 via its USB-A ports for up to 15W charging. But it’s also not just a wall charger. It also holds 6,000mAh internally so it can act as a battery bank, as needed. And it charges more quickly too, thanks to its foldaway AC power prongs.

All of which makes its just under $50 price tag seem like a real bargain for those who need charging on the go.

Mophie Powerstation Hub - Amazon

Anker PowerPort Atom III

09 Anker PowerPort Atom III presser gift guide smartphone accessories

  • Price: From $39.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

A more simple offering, conversely, costing just under $40, is the Anker PowerPort Atom III.

As the branding here implies, this smartphone accessory is all about packing a lot of power into an incredibly small-sized adapter. According to Anker, it’s 15-percent smaller than an out-of-the-box MacBook charger. Measuring just 2.7 x 2.7 x 1.1-inches.

Despite its small size, the GaN-powered Anker PowerPort Atom does, however, support USB-C PowerIQ 3.0 and USB-A PowerIQ 2.0. That equates to rapid charging at the highest available rate for just about any gadget. And at up to 60W charging, or up to 45W via USB-C and 15W via USB-A simultaneously, this is easily one of the best adapters money can buy.

Anker PowerPort Atom III - Amazon,

Nekteck 100W USB C Charger

091 Nekteck 100W USB C Charger presser

  • Price: From $30.59
  • Where to buy: Amazon

If multiple ports aren’t your thing or if you need more juice still, the Nekteck 100W USB C Charger is the next entry in our smartphone accessories gift guide. And its biggest selling point is right there in its name. Via the included USB-C to USB-C cable, this charger supports up to 100W PD 3.0 charging.

That means this charger will charge up not just a tablet or phone. But also a laptop at a much higher rate than most other aftermarket adapters. And for under $37.

GaN Tech & USB-IF Certified, this Nekteck charger’s safety features are also a big bonus. As is its foldable wall prongs and compact size. At just 2.64 x 2.64-inches despite its power. And measuring just 1.18-inches thin.

Nekteck 100W USB C Charger - Amazon

SteelSeries Stratus Duo

093 SteelSeries Stratus Duo Wireless Gaming Controller presser

  • Price: From $46.71
  • Where to buy: Amazon

With an up to 20-hour battery life, connective via 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 5.0, or USB cable, SteelSeries Stratus Duo has earned its place in our gift guide for smartphone accessories. But those are hardly the only places this gamer-ready accessory shines. And it isn’t only because it’s certified to work with Chromebooks either. Although that will be a benefit for those using Android or any of the best Chromebooks around. Whether for Android, GeForce NOW, or Stadia games.

With a base price of $46.71 on Amazon, this controller is designed to be ergonomic. And will work with Windows, Gear VR, Oculus Go, and other gadgets via those connectivity methods as well. An iOS version is also available for a few dollars more. All without any need for special software.

Best of all, clickable sticks and a console layout, combined with Steam Link and Steam Big Picture Mode support make this one of the most versatile controllers you can buy. Making it a gift that any gamer will almost certainly love.

SteelSeries Stratus Duo - Amazon

Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller

092 Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller presser gift guide smartphone accessories

  • Price: From $54.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

The final entry, of course, is a long-standing best in the mobile gaming category, requiring little-to-no introduction. Of course, that’s the Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller.

Although this is an older gadget, it is still easily one of the best. Not only because it’s pocketable, with dual left and right triggers, clickable joysticks, and packs a USB-C port with pass-through for charging your phone while using it. But also because it comes in multiple bundle configurations. With earbuds, grip tape, and more. And because it comes in a wrap-around design to keep your hands out of the way, for Android or iOS.

Moreover, this gaming controller comes configurable with button layouts to suit PlayStation and Nintendo gamers or Xbox games. At its discounted under-$55 price tag, with support for the Razer Cortex Mobile app and associated Game Booster and Razer Silver-earning capabilities, this controller is a steal that’s still well worth its asking cost.

Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller - Amazon