Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Tablets, Speakers, Streaming Devices & More Gifts Under $150 – Updated November 2021

03 DJI OM 5 presser for holiday gift guide under 150

Shopping for the tech lover in your life, even when that tech lover is yourself, isn’t always the easiest thing to do. There are a plethora of products, at widely varying prices, with many new products released unannounced every year. And that’s just for starters. But there are also numerous device categories. And that’s why we at Android Headlines have compiled this gift guide of devices all at under $150.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for something to sate your passion for photography, video, audio, entertainment, or smart home, this list should have you covered. And, of course, if you’ve got something more specific in mind, we’ve got plenty of other guides to consider. From other price ranges to Chromebooks and laptops and more. But in the meantime, let’s dive into our top tech gift guide for the under $150 bracket.

Product nameCostWhere to buy
Tribit StormBox Pro$119.98Amazon
TCL Alto 6+$119.99Amazon
DJI OM 5$159.99Amazon
AKASO Brave 7 LE$139.99Amazon
Play and Watch with Google TV Package$99.99Google
NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player$149.99Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite$129.99Amazon
Amazon Fire HD 10$149.99Amazon
Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)$99.99Best Buy
Lenovo Smart Clock 2$69.99Best Buy

Tribit StormBox Pro

01 Tribit StormBox Pro presser for holiday gift guide under 150

  • Price: $119.98
  • Where to buy: Amazon

Tribit may not be the most well-known audio manufacturer but it is easily one of the best in its respective bracket. And its Tribit StormBox Pro earns its way into this gift guide with a competitor that comes in well below the $150 range. In fact, this speaker costs just $119.98 on Amazon as of this writing.

Despite its budget-geared price, this speaker packs a 3-inch 25W subwoofer and two 40mm 7.5W speakers. With two passive radiators to drive even more rich sound. It’s up to 100ft range, Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX support, and the ability to pair multiple speakers in stereo are better than average too. As is the up to 24-hour playback time, with universal USB-C charging and an IP67 rating.

Finally, the solid build with a tote-able handle and ability to act as a power bank via USB-A are premium in more than just name. Making this a great gift option for audio tech lovers.


Tribit StormBox Pro - Amazon

TCL Alto 6+

02 TCL Alto 6 presser

  • Price: $119.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

If you want the best bang for your buck on the TV and entertainment space audio, conversely, our next gift guide entry is actually two devices under $150.


First up, TCL’s Alto 6+ is a 2.1 channel soundbar that’s Roku TV ready with Dolby Digital decoding and a standalone wireless subwoofer. It also packs in Bluetooth capabilities, as well as HDMI and optical connectivity options. Making it a versatile soundbar, in addition to being unbeatable at its price in terms of quality. Setting aside its three specialized sound modes including modes for Movies, Music, and TV.

That’s for just under $150. Getting closer to that mark at $141.12 and bringing almost identical features, is the TCL Alto 8i. Key differences here, of course, are that its subwoofers are built-in. That’s two subwoofers, for clarity. Alto 8i also supports Dolby Atmos surround sound, for a more immersive experience. Giving TCL two unbeatable TV audio gadgets for their respective costs.

Best of all, both soundbars are wall-mountable, with everything you need to get started included.


TCL Alto 6+ - Amazon


03 DJI OM 5 presser for holiday gift guide under 150

  • Price: $159.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

For more creative friends and family members, the DJI OM 5 is an affordable gimbal that has very little by way of competition. At least when it comes to features and pricing.


While this particular product comes in at around $10 more than the sub-$150 goals of this gift guide, it is going to be well worth the money. Particularly for anybody in need of a lightweight, 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for their smartphone. With features such as magnetic device snapping, ActiveTrack 4.0, and ShotGuides, this gimbal ensures you never miss the perfect shot again. Or, at the very least, that you don’t miss the perfect shot due to camera shake or tracking.

What’s more, this gimbal comes with a built-in extension rod for selfies, better angling, and more.

DJI OM 5 - Amazon


AKASO Brave 7 LE

04 AKASO Brave 7 LE presser

  • Price: $139.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

On the other hand, for those in need of an action cam, the AKASO Brave 7 LE is a near-perfect fit for those on a budget. At $20 below the $150 mark, this gift guide entry was built to begin with as an all-weather shooting device. While in the included waterproof housing, it can handle depths of up to 131-feet and its IPX7 rating ensures protection from splashes, rain, snow, and more.

The AKASO Brave 7 LE’s diminutive size, conversely, makes it the perfect choice when space is limited. While its front screen and 2-inch rear touch screen make using the gadget easier. As do its ability to take 4K video at 30fps and 20-megapixel photos. Complete with 6-axis EIS, a multitude of shooting modes and software features, Wi-Fi or HDMI connectivity, wireless remote, and its wealth of included accessories


AKASO Brave 7 LE - Amazon

Play and Watch with Google TV Package

05 Play and Watch with Google TV Package presser for holiday gift guide under 150

  • Price: $99.99
  • Where to buy: Google

This next product isn’t so much a single device as a bundle that Google’s currently running on its dedicated storefront. And, as the image above shows, it’s a serious one at that. It includes both the latest Chromecast, namely Chromecast with Google TV, and Google Stadia. With a Google Stadia gaming controller included as part of the latter.

That takes this bundle beyond a simple streaming device with 4K resolution support and support for grouping with Nest speakers for surround sound. With, of course, all of the app access you could want in a media gadget that has superior performance to just about everything out there. And it takes on true AAA gaming at up to 4K resolution with free monthly games via Stadia Pro.

That’s setting aside the built-in Google Assistant on both devices.

All of which is to say that this gift bundle is as versatile as can be without missing a beat when it comes to powerful entertainment or usefulness.

Play and Watch with Google TV Package - Google

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player

06 NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player presser

  • Price: $149.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

Now, NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV 5K HDR Streaming Media Player is two things. First, it’s a mouthful to say. Second, it’s an older device that just keeps managing to hold back most of the competition and has appeared on our gift guide before — and even on this particularly under $150 gift guide.

And that’s not without good reason. Like the gadget listed above, this TV streaming stick turns your TV into a smart — or smarter — TV. It brings a 4K resolution, HDR and Dolby Vision. And it integrates well with both Alexa and Google Assistant. So it’s a great addition to any smart home.

In terms of other features, this gadget runs Android TV, powered by Gigabit Ethernet or dual-band AC Wi-Fi connections and a built-in power supply. A MicroSD card slot is part of the build too, as is NVIDIA’s X1+ processor.

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player - Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

07 Samsung Tab A7 Lite presser for holiday gift guide under 150

  • Price: From $129.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

Of course, if you’re in the market for a new tablet to gift, the first on our guide is likely one you’ve already considered for your under-$150 budget. Namely, that’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite.

At 8.7-inches, with a resolution of just 1340 x 800, and powered by a MediaTek chipset, this isn’t the most powerful tablet around. Even before considering the 32GB expandable storage and 3GB RAM. But Android 11 is incredibly efficient compared to previous versions and it’s still more than powerful and well-specced enough for just about any purpose. Whether for media consumption, apps, or productivity.

What’s more, the battery and weight ensure that this is one tablet you can use all day and take anywhere comfortably. And, for just a few dollars more, you can get a protective book-style case too.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite - Amazon

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021)

08 Amazon Fire HD 10 presser

  • Price: From $149.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

The best current alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy-branded budget tablet is, it almost goes without saying, the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet. Running Amazon’s own Android-based OS, this tablet packs a lot more punch but with some caveats. You’ll need to spend a bit more to get rid of lock screen ads, just for starters.

But for the money, Amazon does give buyers a 10.1-inch 1080p display that’s 10-percent brighter than previous generations. And, powering the high-efficiency OS, it packs in 3GB RAM and up to 64GB of expandable storage. Up to 12-hours of battery life, an octa-core 2.0 GHz chipset, USB-C, and Dolby Atmos support are just icing on the cake for this tablet.

Plus, Amazon Fire HD 10 comes in four color options. So it can be configured to match the personality of whoever you happen to be buying one for.

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021) - Amazon

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

09 Google Nest Hub gen 2 presser for holiday gift guide under 150

Our final two recommendations in this under-$150 gift guide are smart home gadgets meant, at least primarily, for the bedside table. The first, as might be guessed, is the new Google Nest Hub. While this new version of the gadget may look almost identical — and it nearly is — there are quite a few significant updates in place too.

For just under $100, Nest Hub (2nd Gen) weighs slightly more than the older version and packs a 7-inch display panel that’s a bit taller than before. And it’s got a new Soli sensor too. Meaning that gesture controls are included that weren’t before and there’s even a new Sleep Sensing mode. That helps provide users with an accurate readout of their sleep patterns. As well as on snoring, breathing rate, and other important metrics.

Additionally, the new Hub has new speakers built-in which can deliver up to 50-percent more bass than the last generation. So, whether you’re trying to track sleep habits, using hands-free interactions for phone calls, controlling the smart home ecosystem, queries, playing music, or watching some media, the new Google Nest Hub is easily among the best products you can buy. And certainly the best in terms of value.

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) - Best Buy

Lenovo Smart Clock 2

091 Lenovo Smart Clock 2 presser

Lastly, Lenovo has a new update for its original Smart Clock with the Smart Clock 2. As its branding implies, this new clock takes things to a new level. But in a way that’s a bit more obvious than the Nest Hub.

For starters, Lenovo did keep an almost identical design here. The bedside smart display has the same 4-inch display panel and a similar shape. As well as a built-in USB-A port for charging other gadgets and smooth integration with the Google Assistant smart home ecosystem. Improved front-facing 3W speakers, conversely, offer great listening for small spaces and plenty of volume from this alarm clock proxy.

One of the biggest advantages of the newest iteration, however, is the included wireless charging pad. That packs pogo-pin connectors for docking the display. And features MagSafe-compatible fast charging at 5W, 7.5W, or 10W. Finally, Lenovo built-in a nightlight in the dock to help you find where to put your phone, shining at a reasonable 11 lumens.

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 - Best Buy