What's New In Genshin Impact With Patch 2.0

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Learning what’s new with Genshin Impact might feel like a herculean task from time to time. Especially with all of the changes that come along with big updates. The same is true with the game’s most recent update, version 2.0, which officially landed as of July 20 in the US. The game update was available to download yesterday afternoon, but it promptly went into maintenance mode right after. And it stayed there till around 8PM PST. Since then though, the game has been playable and there is a whole lot of stuff to discover in the world of Teyvat.

This includes exploring the new island of Inazuma, as well as new characters and weapons to acquire through the wish system. Not all characters and weapons will be available right away though. As some of them will come via later events that happens as part of this patch.

Even with that being the case, there’s still a ton of new content in Genshin Impact as of this moment through the 2.0 update. And if you’re looking to find out what’s new with Genshin Impact 2.0, this guide will walk you through all the new features, areas, events, characters, weapons, and more.


What’s new in Genshin Impact with patch 2.0

Where to begin. For starters, what’s new with Genshin Impact and the biggest additions to the game are the new island of Inazuma, and the new characters that tie into that area. Naturally there’s also new story-related quests to complete, new weapons and so much more. So let’s dive in.

The island of Inazuma and Inazuma City

Genshin Impact Inazuma Patch 7

Inazuma City is a new city state in the world of Teyvat, and is the third major city in the game following Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor. It can be found on the island of Inazuma – an archipelago in the far east of Teyvat that includes Inazuma City, Ritou, the Chinju Forest, the Grand Narukami Shrine, Tatarasuna, kannazuka, the Kujou Encampment, Musoujin Gorge, the Serpent’s Head, and Nazuchi Beach.


All of these areas have their own unique design but are all equally carrying the distinct Inazuma aesthetic, which is inspired by the region of Japan. Just as Liyue Harbor carries an aesthetic that’s inspired by China.

While much of your time on Inzauma Island will be spent picking up quests and meeting the locals of Inazuma City, places like the mysterious Chinju Forest will no doubt draw your attention. Also, don’t forget to visit the Grand Narukami Shrine to receive Narukami’s Blessing. As you may need it throughout your travels in Inazuma.

To unlock the Inazuma region, you will need to meet a few requirements. The first is that you’re at Adventure Rank 30 or above. You’ll also need to complete the Archon Quest Chapter II: Act 1 – The Immovable God And The Eternal Euthymia.


New characters

Kamisato Ayaka –

Genshin Impact Inazuma Patch 2

New regions means new characters. Though they won’t all be available with the start of patch 2.0. With the beginning of this patch, you’ll have the ability to acquire the five-star Kamisato Ayaka. The daughter of the Yashiro Commission’s Kamisato Clan.

Ayaka is a Cryo character who uses a sword. Her elemental skill is called Kamisato Art: Kyouka and allows her to damage surrounding enemies with AoE Cryo damage. She also has a different sprint than other characters. Called Kamisato Art: Senho, she can sprint around the area while disappearing into a torrent of ice. This can be performed on both water or land. Making her a formidable opponent.


That being said, she also walks extremely slow and doesn’t move as fast as other characters when not sprinting. So you’ll have to learn to balance her sprint ability to move more quickly when using her as your current character. While maintaining enough sprint energy to have some when you may need it most.

She also gains a Cryo infusion when she reappears out of her sprint. So it’s very useful when dealing with a pack of enemies, and can also be used as a really nice escape mechanic. Her last ability which is her Elemental Burst, called Kamisato Art: Soumetsu, deals Cryo damage over time. Upon releasing it, enemies are engulfed in a swirling icy wind that slashes them over and over when it touches them.

Yoimiya –

Genshin Impact Inazuma Patch 1


The second character in this patch, which will be available in a later wish event, is Yoimiya. A five-star Pyro bow user. Her Elemental Skill, called Niwabi Fire Dance, turns her normal attacks into fiery arrows which deal Pyro damage to enemies for a limited amount of time.

Her Elemental Burst is called Ryuukin Saxifrage, and deals AoE Pyro damage to all surrounding enemies. But that’s not all it does. In addition to the AoE damage, Ryuukin Saxifrage also applies a debuff called Aurous Blaze to one of the enemies. Enemies with this debuff will cause an explosion that deals AoE Pyro damage when hit. Though this only counts when hits are from other party members and not Yoimiya. This includes normal attacks, elemental skills, elemental bursts, charged attacks, and plunging attacks.

“Mujina Ninja” Sayu –

Genshin Impact Inazuma Patch 1 1


The last new character for this patch will be Sayu, the Mujina Ninja. Sayu is a four-star Anemo claymore user. Don’t let her size fool you though. She may be small, but she’s deadly with a claymore and wreaks havoc on any enemies that stand in her way.

Accompanied by her forever sleepy Shuumatsuban, Sayu takes on the style of a Tanuki. Likely to throw off her foes. Her Elemental Skill is called YooHoo Art: Fuuin Dash. Using this skill, Sayu turns into a spinning Fuuin wheel and dashes towards enemies. Dealing Anemo damage.

This skill also has multiple layers. You can activate the attack and let her dash towards an enemy to smash into them. But you can also hold down the Fuuin Dash button to have her continually roll around in this state. Which is perfect if you’re trying to attack multiple enemies simultaneously.


When the attack ends, Sayu will perform a  Fuuhuu whirlwind kick. Which does AoE Anemo damage. Her Elemental Burst allows her to summon an ally called the Muji-Muji Daruma. This also has a duel ability. As it can either heal party members by restoring their HP, or deal Anemo damage to enemies.

New weapons

Genshin Impact 2 Whats New 2
Genshin Impact 2 Whats New 10
Genshin Impact 2 Whats New 2
Genshin Impact 2 Whats New 10

It wouldn’t be a proper Genshin Impact patch without some shiny new weapons to equip your characters with. And this patch delivers seven new weapons in total. Two of which are obtained through wish events, and the others which are obtained through forging.

Mistsplitter Reforged

Mistsplitter Reforged is a five-star sword with a Katana-like design for the blade, and “blazes with fierce violet light.” Characters equipped with this sword gain an elemental damage bonus to their attacks and they gain a buff called Mistsplitter’s Emblem.

This buff will apply additional elemental damage to attacks based on how many stacks of Mistsplitter’s Emblem have been acquired. Players can gain up to three stacks of this buff. And each stack’s duration is independent from the others. The elemental damage bonus is also increased the more stacks a player has. So if you have three stacks, your attacks will have a higher elemental damage bonus compared to one stack.

You can gain this bonus from normal attacks which apply the buff for five seconds. If you gain a stack from an Elemental Burst, the stack duration will be ten seconds. You can also gain stacks when your energy is less than 100%. With the stack duration depleting once your energy is back up to 100%. Elemental damage is also based on the element of the character.

Thundering Pulse

Thundering Pulse is a five-star long bow that crackles with lightning. Equipping this bow gives the character an increase to their attack stat. As well as applies the Thunder Emblem. Thunder Emblem can stack up to three times, and each stack increases the amount of damage done by normal attacks. This bow isn’t available in the game yet, but it will be included with a future wish event. It’s also an event-exclusive weapon which means you can only get it from the wish event when it pops up.

Amenoma Kageuchi

This is a four-star sword with the power to regenerate your character’s energy. It does this by dropping “Succession Seeds” after you cast an Element Skill. You can stack up to three seeds, and you use them up by casting an Elemental Burst attack. At which point you’ll get energy back for each seed that you consume.

This sword can be acquired through a forging blueprint. Which you can obtain by completing the quest called The Farmer’s Treasure.

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa

The Katsuragikiri Nagamasa is a four-star claymore that increases elemental skill damage. The major benefit of this weapon is that it helps your character regenerate energy for six seconds after the energy is depleted from casting an elemental skill. This can only be triggered every ten seconds, but the character with this sword equipped does not have to be on the field to trigger the bonus.

This weapon can also be obtained after forging it using the forging blueprint. Acquiring that blueprint however seems to be a little bit mysterious. You’ll have to fulfill certain criteria to find the blueprint when exploring the region of Inazuma.

Kitain Cross Spear

This is a new four-star polearm weapon that gives the user a bonus to elemental skill damage. Its bonus works the same way as the Katsuragikiri Nagamasa.

To obtain this weapon it must be forged. But you can acquire the forged blueprint for this weapon by completing the quest called Orobashi’s Legacy.

Hakushin Ring

The Hakushin Ring is a four-star catalyst that allows the user to gain an elemental damage bonus by triggering an electro elemental reaction. The bonus is applied to any characters that are nearby with an elemental type involved in the elemental reaction, giving them a boost to elemental attack damage based on their element. This bonus does not stack and only lasts for six seconds.

Players will need to complete the quest called Yougou Cleansing to acquire the forged blueprint for this weapon.


The last weapon for this patch is the Hamayumi, a four-star bow that boosts normal attack damage and charged attack damage. This bonus is essentially always active. However, the bonus is increased by 100% when the character who has it equipped reaches 100% energy. So it will always be the strongest when your energy is full.

Obtaining this weapon requires the weapon to be forged using the forged blueprint. Which can be found by fulfilling certain criteria while exploring the region of Inazuma.

New Main Story Quests

Genshin Impact 2 Whats New 4
Genshin Impact 2 Whats New 3
Genshin Impact 2 Whats New 4
Genshin Impact 2 Whats New 3

Naturally, with the latest patch of content for Genshin Impact you can expect some new quests to continue the story. And this includes new Archon Quests and new Story Quests. Though, keep in mind that to get to these quests you’ll have to unlock the region of Inazuma, which does require you to reach Adventure Rank level 30 first. So if you’re still a bit behind on that, play through the game until you can get to this point.

New Archon Quests includes Chapter II: Act I – The Immovable God And The Eternal Euthymia, and Chapter II: Act II – Stillness, The Sublimation Of Shadow. Both of these quests will be permanently available following this patch. So there’s no huge rush to get to them as quickly as you can. Though you may want to speed things up to get to some of the related events. As events don’t usually last forever.

Tu unlock the first new Archon Quest, in addition to being Adventure Rank 30, you will also need to complete the Archon Quest Chapter II: Prologue – Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves. To unlock the second new Archon Quest, you’ll need to complete the first new Archon Quest. As well as complete the Story Quests related to both Kamisato Ayaka and Yoimiya.

New Monsters

Genshin Impact 2 Whats New 11
Genshin Impact 2 Whats New 9
Genshin Impact 2 Whats New 8
Genshin Impact 2 Whats New 11
Genshin Impact 2 Whats New 9
Genshin Impact 2 Whats New 8

Genshin Impact is a sprawling world full of life and things to explore and discover, which includes new monsters to defeat as part of your journey. There are a range of new monsters to test your skills. Including the Pyro Hypostasis, the Perpetual Mechanical Array, and the Fatui Mirror Maiden.

You’ll also come across a series of samurai who have fallen from their renowned titles. Called the Nobushi, they have advanced martial arts skills that will no doubt pose a threat to any wandering adventurers who cross their path.

New System – Sacred Sakura’s Favor

Genshin Impact 2 Whats New 6

This new system is basically a new way to obtain useful items and in-game rewards. During your adventures throughout Inazuma, you can collect items called Electro Sigils. You then present these to the Sacred Sakura to receive her favor and get useful stuff in return.

New Gameplay

Genshin Impact 2 Whats New 5

While in Inazuma, you will come across Thunder Sakura Bough, Thunder Barriers, and Balethunder. The Thunder Sakura Bough give you Electrograna. You will need these to pass through Thunder Barriers throughout the island. The Electrograna can be carried with you once picked up from the Thunder Sakura Bough. But they only last for a short duration so be sure to watch how much time you have left as you approach Thunder Barriers.

There’s also Balethunder. Certain areas throughout the island will be impacted by Balethunder. And when in these areas you’ll slowly take damage. To help increase your chances of surviving in these areas and getting through them, look for Thunder Spheres. Which can increase your movement speed drastically.

New Events

Genshin Impact 2 Whats New 7

Genshin Impact 2.0 also introduces new events, and completing these events can reward you with upgrade materials, primogems, and more. Not all of the events will be available right away though. As some of them will pop up throughout the patch. If you’re a completionist, try to participate in these events as often as you can while they’re around.

PS5/PS4 cross-progression

With patch 2.0, miHoYo finally introduced cross-progression support for the PS5 and PS4 systems. So you can link your primary account to the PS5 or PS4 and carry that game progress over. Likewise, if you primarily played on PlayStation to begin with, you can link your PSN account to the other platforms so you can play on PC and mobile with your PlayStation progress.

These are the most notable changes with the 2.0 update for Genshin Impact. But there are still lots of other minor changes, bug fixes and more that are included. If you want brush up on all of that, you can read the full patch notes for the update here.