Here's How You Can Become A Sam's Club Member For Basically Free

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Sam’s Club has brought back one of its most popular membership deals, allowing you to become a member, for basically nothing.

Essentially, you sign up for a Sam’s Club membership online, and then you’ll get $45 off your first qualifying in-club purchase of $45 or more.

To break that out of marketing speak, you pay $45 for the membership now, and then you will get $45 off your first purchase inside a Sam’s Club. Which means you can’t use the $45 off for online purchases. Which makes the membership virtually free.


If you’ve been thinking of signing up for Sam’s Club, then now is definitely a good time to do just that. This is better than the student discount too.

Sam’s Club is going to be great for picking up all of the food you’ll need for the holidays. Even though we can’t see our families, you’re still going to need to cook for everyone in your home. It’s also great for getting big box items like coffee, toilet paper, paper towels and much more.

Additionally, Sam’s Club is going to have some pretty impressive prices on different products for Black Friday next week. So you’ll want to sign up before Black Friday begins. We’re talking about big discounts on 4K TVs (and even some 8K TVs) as well as big discounts on smartphones, Airpods, and much more.


As a Sam’s Club shopper myself, I buy a lot of things at Sam’s Club. Like Dog Food, fruits and vegetables, Keurig K-Cups for Coffee, and plenty of snacks. Which is great for those that are new to working from home. Snacks are going to keep you going on a busy day, without stopping to actually cook something for lunch and spend more time away from your desk.

You can sign up for Sam’s Club by clicking here.

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