Prime Day Deal: Fossil Wear OS Smartwatches Are Up To 50% Off

Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

Amazon Prime Day brings in a lot of deals on a lot of different stuff, and this includes accessories from Fossil to help complete your everyday look.

In this particular case, smartwatches from Fossil. During Prime Day Amazon has a range of different Fossil smartwatch options on sale. There are options for both men and women too. Which means you shouldn't have any trouble finding something that will fit your own personal tastes.

The Prime Day sale is mostly covering Fossil's stuff from late last year to early this year. Like different styles of the Gen 5 and prior. This includes the Gen 5 Carlyle, Juliana, Falster 3, and a few options that are from various other fashion brands. Such as DIESEL, Michael Kors, Kate Spade and more.

Worth noting is that you won't find sale prices on every single version of each watch. The savings are on specific designs of each model. So that's worth keeping in mind when you go to select a particular watch.

Since these are all running on Wear OS, they all have access to things like smartphone notifications, Google Pay, and more. They also have Play Store access so you can download additional applications to the watch to augment it and give it more features. Like calling an Uber ride or managing your Spotify music playlists.

You'll find that all of these watches have heart rate sensors as well. So you can use them to record your fitness activities and data during exercise. Then, simply connect them up to Google Fitness or any other health app you prefer to use, and you get a bigger overall picture of your specific health and wellness metrics.

As these are Prime Day deals, the sale prices will only last through tomorrow. So if you've been looking to pick up a smartwatch, now is the time.

Fossil Wear OS Smartwatches - Amazon - Up To 50% Off