7 Features coming to the Google Pixel 7a

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When it comes to cheap phones, Google’s Pixel a-series is always one of the most popular and most anticipated. And this year is no different. The Google Pixel 7a is expected to be announced at Google I/O on May 10, and we already have a full preview here with all of the leaks and rumors rounded up. But what we’re going to do today is highlight 7 of the biggest features coming to the Pixel 7a.

So here are seven features we expect to see on the upcoming Google Pixel 7a.

Larger battery and better battery life

The Pixel 6a already had pretty good battery life. In our experience, it did better than the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. And even comparing it to the new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, it still outperforms it. Likely due to the smaller display, and lower refresh rate.

But this year, the Pixel 7a is getting an upgrade in the battery department. Jumping from 4416mAh in the Pixel 6a to 4500mAh in the Pixel 7a. So despite the phone potentially getting a 90Hz display, we should see even better battery life this time around.


Google Pixel 7a hands on leak image 1

Higher price tag

It was inevitable, but the Pixel 7a is getting a higher price tag this time around. The a-series started out at $399 with the Pixel 3a back in 2019. The price basically stayed the same until the Pixel 5a in 2021 with a bump to $449. And now, we’re seeing the Pixel 7a coming in at $499. Given the upgrades we’re talking about here, that price isn’t too crazy.

But, this price increase leaves even less room between the Pixel 7a and the Pixel 7 (and soon the Pixel 8). Seeing as the Pixel 7’s MSRP is $599, and it’s typically on sale for around $499.

New 64-megapixel main camera

A bit surprising, but the Pixel 7a is expected to get a new main camera, and it’s not the main camera from the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro. Instead, the Pixel 7a is rumored to get a 64-megapixel camera, which is going to be the Sony IMX787 sensor. It’s good to see a new camera sensor here, as that 12-megapixel sensor was getting quite old. As Google had been using it since the Pixel 2.


Why is this surprising? Well, Google typically uses the same parts across all of the Pixel devices. So we would have expected to see that new-ish, 50-megapixel sensor that debuted on the Pixel 6 in 2021. Rather than an entirely new sensor.

This new sensor will be larger, which will allow more light to come in. Meaning that you won’t need to use Night Sight as much. Additionally, it’ll also have many more megapixels included, allowing it to grab more detail. It will obviously be pixel-binned down to around 12-megapixels. So it’ll lay images on top of each other, giving you loads of detail.

Pixel 7a hands on video leak

Finally a 90Hz display

When the Pixel 6a came out last year, everyone complained that it was a 60Hz display. Which was pretty funny, since no one complained about a $700 iPhone launching with a 60Hz display, but Google doing it on a $450 Pixel is a big deal. Well, Google heard us, and is adding a 90Hz display this year.


This will likely put a hit on the battery life of the Pixel 7a, but we don’t expect it to be that big of a deal. Especially with Google making the battery larger this year. Sure it’s only about 2% larger, but it is larger. Not to mention the Tensor G2 is also going to be more power efficient.

Google’s Tensor G2

Starting with the Pixel 6, Google moved to using their own chipset inside the Pixel devices. With the Pixel 6 series, we had the Tensor G1 and now on the Pixel 7 series we have the Tensor G2. Meaning that this $500 phone will have the same processor as the $900 Pixel 7 Pro.

The Tensor G2 is technically an Exynos processor that Google made some changes to, making it work for their device. It’s not quite as good as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, in fact, it’s quite a bit slower. Though, if you’re already using a cheap $400-$500 phone, you likely wouldn’t notice the difference.

Why the Tensor G2 matters though, is Google’s software. Google has added lots of great features to the Pixel over the years, and using Tensor, they are able to make that work better than ever. Like the ability for Google Assistant to Hold for Me, or allowing Assistant to screen calls. Of course, the camera is a big part of this too.


Redesigned and new color

Some might argue that it’s not a redesign, and it’s really just adopting the Pixel 7’s design, which is true. But this is new for the Pixel 7a. So instead of the glass bar for the cameras, it’s now going to be metal. It’ll be brushed metal like the Pixel 7, so it should hold up better. Since the Pixel 7 Pro’s camera bar is now brushed metal, it has a ton of scratches.

The front bezels are still fairly thick, though you expect that on a cheaper device like this, and one that doesn’t have a curved display.

Pixel 7a leak Blue 2

Google is also introducing a new color – which they typically do with new Pixels. That’s “Sky” which is a very light blue color. It looks really nice actually, and might be the color I choose this time around. You can see pictures of it above.


Android 13 pre-installed

This final one should come as absolutely no surprise, but the Pixel 7a will come with Android 13 pre-installed. That is the latest version of Android, since Android 14 won’t launch until around August or September. However, the Pixel 7a will be available to use on the Android 14 beta, which we expect Beta 2 to launch the same day.

Pixel 7a is coming May 10

All rumors point to the Google Pixel 7a coming at Google I/O, which kicks off on May 10. Google has announced every single a-series around this time. There were a few caveats during the pandemic, like in 2020 when I/O was completely cancelled. But this is about the time it gets announced.

We’ll have full coverage of Google I/O as well as the Pixel 7a and any other hardware coming at the event, as we always do.