Google IO 2021: Android 12 Beta, Unified Wear OS, Android TV & More

Google IO 2021

Today Google held the first day of its annual developer conference, Google IO, and kicked things off with the keynote like it does every year.

To get the ball rolling for all of its fun, exciting announcements to come, Google CEO Sundar Pichai came on stage to talk about the company and its recent and future efforts to improve on anything and everything from privacy to global connection to Google Translate.

Once things got into more specific announcements, there were quite a few major points for Google to talk about. It wouldn’t be Google IO after all if Google had nothing to show off. One of the first major announcements was the arrival of the Android 12 beta.


You’ll need a specific device to take part in it. But unlike past years, there’s more options available. Where Google use to require a Pixel device for the beta, it’s now expanding. And like with Android 11 and Android 10, there are non-Google devices included.

Phones from HMD Global, Xiaomi, Samsung, and ASUS all have at least one device that can install the first beta version. And of course if you have a Pixel 3 or later.

Google also announced some major changes for Wear OS. Future devices will run on the new version of the platform, which will be a unification of Google and Samsung’s wearables operating systems. Bringing together the best features of both.


There’s also changes coming to some of the Wear OS apps, like Spotify. And some of Google’s own apps like Maps and Pay. Google carved out some time for Android TV, too. Soon, you’ll be able to use your Android smartphone as a remote control for your Android TV. Allowing you to type using your phone’s keyboard, adjust the volume, and even use a trackpad for UI navigation.

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