Edifier G2000 Gaming Speakers Review: Made for gamers, great for everyone

Edifier G2000 Review

Edifier wants to let its gamers know that it has their backs.

Edifier G2000
star star star star star
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Can get very loud
  • Multiple input methods
  • Many RGB light configurations
  • Well-built
  • Limited buttons make changing settings tedious

This review was written after using these speakers for about two months.

Chinese audio company Edifier develops all sorts of speakers, headphones, and earbuds for music lovers, but it’s not looking to alienate the gamers out there. The company has a selection of gaming-centric speakers that aim to augment your gaming setup. Android Headlines was given the opportunity to review the company’s G2000 Gaming Speakers. Let’s see if these speakers belong in your gaming setup.

Edifier G2000 Gaming Speakers: Design and build quality

You’re not going to be carrying these speakers around like you would a phone. Regardless, design and build quality are an important part of the experience. The Edifier G2000 have a pretty subdued design, and they look nice. They’re compact, and that makes them perfect for people who don’t have too much space in their setup. You can easily plop them on a desk or table.

Edifier G2000 6


There are thin light strips on the side of the speakers with a larger light on the back. These are the RGB lights that add the classic gamer flair.

As for the build quality, in classic Edifier fashion, these speakers are made with high-quality materials. They’re made from a sturdy plastic that can take impacts very well. You know that you’re picking up a quality piece of hardware when lifting them.

Edifier G2000 Gaming Speakers: Sound quality

Looks are one thing, but what about the sound? I’ve been very impressed with the sound quality of other Edifier speakers. A great example is the Edifier MP230 Bluetooth speaker. If you’re interested in a high-quality speaker that looks like the old-fashioned radios from the 50s and 60s, you can check out the review right here.


As for the Edifier G2000, the sound quality is amazing. Since these speakers are primarily for gaming, they can deliver a lot of punch to make your games pop. While this is the case, the sound is incredibly balanced. While you get some powerful lower end, you can still enjoy strong mids and higher tones.

Edifier G2000 3

Aside from listening to game audio, you could easily listen to music with the Edifier G2000. The strong bass caters to more modern styles of music, but they don’t leave older styles of music in the dust. I was able to listen to several genres of music including songs from The Bee Gees and The Beatles all the way up to Tiffany and Jonny Hates Jazz, and it still sounded as good as the modern stuff.


What’s perhaps more impressive is the fact that I was able to comfortably listen to classical music without skipping a beat. Most speakers make classical music sound awful because of their emphasis on the low end. However, with the incredible balance, classical music sounds brilliant.

In terms of volume, they get more than loud enough for personal use. If you want to use them to fill a room with audio, you’ll be able to do so easily. All in all, these speakers continue Edifier’s trend of delivering top-of-the-line audio.

Edifier G2000 Gaming Speakers: Input methods

These wouldn’t be proper gaming speakers if there weren’t a collection of input options to use. These speakers come with a 3.5mm aux cord to connect directly to your device. Along with that, you can also connect your device via USB and Bluetooth.


You can change the input method by pressing the top button on the main speaker. This will cycle through the input methods, and you’ll hear a voice prompt letting you know what you’ve switched to. Also, there’s a small LED indicator that shows you a different color based on the input method. It’s green for Aux input, blue for Bluetooth, and red for USB.

Edifier G2000 8

Edifier G2000 Gaming Speakers: Controls

Being able to control the speakers easily is important, and this is one of the few departments where I have a complaint. There are only three controls for these speakers, and that makes it tedious to change settings. There are two buttons and a volume rocker. With these, you cycle through the input methods, pair for Bluetooth, change the lights, change sound modes, power on/off the speakers, and adjust the volume. This means that the buttons need to serve several functions.


The top button powers on/off the speakers, changes the input modes, and pair for Bluetooth. Cycling through the input methods isn’t all that bad, but dedicated buttons would have made things better. The same thing goes for switching the input methods. While it’s nice having the voice prompts, having to cycle through the inputs and wait for the voice prompt for each mode can be a bit annoying. It interrupts the content you’re listening to.

I think that these speakers could use more buttons. There could be dedicated buttons to switch the modes. Either that or they could have used different button gestures for the modes. For example, a single press could activate aux mode, a double press could activate Bluetooth, and a triple press could activate USB. For Bluetooth pairing, it could be a double tap-and-hold gesture.

Edifier G2000 4


The only other gripe that I have comes when adjusting the volume. When you move the volume up or down, you don’t hear anything. It’d be nice to have an audible tone to let you know how high or low the volume is before you start playing content.

Edifier G2000 Gaming Speakers: RGB lights

You can’t truly call these gaming speakers without the inclusion of RGB lights. The Edifier G2000 come with an array of lights to help add to your gaming setup. As stated before, there are light strips on the side of the speakers with a larger block on the back.

I was impressed with how many light configurations you can cycle through; there are 11 in total. It has a solid cyan, blue, red, green, and greenish-blue mode. Also, there’s a pulsating cyan, blue, green, red, and purple mode. Lastly, there’s a mode that will cycle through the colors- one of the will flash on and off while the other will smoothly transition between the colors. You can turn the lights off altogether if you want.


Edifier G2000 1

If you want to cycle through the colors, you’ll need to hold the bottom button. This will make it a hassle to find the mode that you want because you’ll need to cycle through them one by one.

You should buy these speakers if:

  • You want a great and balanced sound
  • You want a powerful sound
  • You want compact speakers
  • You want a nice selection of RGB light modes
  • You want speakers with multiple input methods

You shouldn’t buy these speakers if:

  • You want speakers with a more robust design