Prime Day Deal: The Echo Show 8 Can Be Yours For Half Off Today

Amazon Echo Show 8 02

Amazon Prime Day is in full swing now and of course Amazon has plenty of its own stuff on sale, including the Echo Show 8 that's powered by Alexa.

Unlike the Echo speakers, the Echo Show 8 is not just a speaker with Alexa built in. It's also a smart display that you can interact with for everything from video calls to TV shows on Prime Video. This is also a very capable smart home controller. If you have things like smart lights, smart thermostats, smart plugs, or anything of the like, the Echo Show 8 can be your management system for it all.

Normally Amazon sells the Echo Show 8 for $129.99. Which honestly isn't a terrible price for what the device delivers. That being said, Prime Day affords you even more savings on the Echo Show 8. Making it even more of an incredible value.


Because right now it's down to $64.99, and that price is available for both the Charcoal and Sandstone colors. Prime Day lasts through the end of October 14. However, Amazon is offering free delivery overnight for anyone that orders the Echo Show 8 by 11:59PM on October 13.

This guaranteed delivery time is only valid for the Charcoal version. It also arrives between 4:30AM and 8AM on October 14 if you meet the time frame on the purchase.

While you aren't using the Echo Show 8 actively for anything, like video calls or streaming video, you can instead use it as a photo frame. Set this up and it'll simply cycle through photos that you allow it access to. Which is kind of a nice feature to have.


Amazon also designed the Echo Show 8 with various privacy features. Such as a built-in shutter for the camera, and mic/camera off buttons if you just want to turn them both off completely while leaving the Echo Show 8 on by itself.

Echo Show 8 - Amazon - $64.99