Prime Day Deal: The Echo Show 5 Is Discounted By A Whopping 60%

echo show 5

Amazon's Echo Show 8 is a useful device but the Echo Show 5 can be just as useful and it's considerably cheaper thanks to its Amazon Prime Day deal.

For Prime Day Amazon is discounting the smaller Echo Show 5 by a whopping 60%. Which brings the cost down to just $49.99 from its regular price of $124.99. Sure, the screen is smaller. But it can be used for much of the same stuff as the larger screen model.

For instance, it still has an integrated camera and an integrated speaker. Just like the Echo Show 8. Meaning you can use it for both video calls and voice calls. As well as streaming music.


One thing that's nice about the smaller size is that it fits better on a night stand. This puts it in a better position to be used as an alarm clock. If you wanted to use it that way.

Worth mentioning is that this deal is for the Charcoal and Sandstone models of the Echo Show 5. But it's also not just for the Echo Show 5. You also get a Blink Mini with it. So for $50 you get the smart display that's integrated with Amazon Alexa, and a smart security camera that you can set up somewhere in the home.

The Blink Mini is compatible with Alexa too. So you can control both with your voice just like you can with any other smart home products that you may have in the home.


Like the Echo Show 8, the Echo Show 5 has the same security features. While you aren't using the camera for anything, you can close the shutter that sits over the lens for more privacy. Or you can just turn the camera off all together. And, the same button that turns off the camera can also turn off the microphone so it doesn't listen or pick up the keyword.

Echo Show 5 - Amazon - 60% Off