Diablo Immortal: How To Level Up Fast – Updated August, 2022

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For all its insanely aggressive micro transaction tactics, Diablo Immortal is a fun free-to-play game and it is possible to level up quickly without paying. If you’re thinking about diving into the game or have already started and are wondering how you can level up fast, that’s what this guide aims to lay out in front of you.

After spending loads of time with Diablo Immortal we’ve figured out some really easy ways to level up your character quickly. Though do keep in mind that you will probably have to play consistently to achieve the results. That is if you’re not willing to spend any money. Or you’re not willing to spend any money beyond the battle pass (which we do recommend you pick up).

In Diablo Immortal, you have plenty of content in the campaign to get you through those early levels. But there are lots of other ways to earn xp. And we’re going to break it all down for you.


Level up fast in Diablo Immortal through the battle pass

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Diablo Immortal How To Level Up Fast 2
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One of the first things we’re going to recommend is grinding the battle pass. You don’t need to buy the $5 pass to earn the xp. Although you will get extra rewards from it.

To grind the battle pass, whether the empowered version or the free version, you’ll need to complete certain tasks. You also need to unlock the battle pass though game progression first.

Start by playing through the game’s campaign and eventually you’ll need to get through the Ashwold Cemetery and Ashwold Manor questlines which should get you to around level 15-20. You should then get an alert letting you know the battle pass is now accessible.


To find the battle pass and the activities or tasks that relate to it, tap on the codex. We also recommend you consider saving your completed battle pass activities after battle pass rank 10 for later levels. These can reward a huge amount of xp and right around 35-45 you’ll hit some slowdown periods. Having battle pass activities to turn in can help close the gap on levels to continue the campaign.

Of course, simply playing the campaign is a great way to level up and for a while it’ll be the easiest way. At least for the earlier parts of the game. Once you reach level 30-35, leveling up through the campaign will start to slow down. And it’s at this point we recommend using those battle pass turnins.

Join a faction

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In Diablo Immortal there are two main factions. The Shadows, and the Immortals. Once you unlock the intro to these factions, which should happen after level 30, you’ll be able to go through a questline to join one of them. We picked Shadows, so we’re going to use them as the example here.

After you join the Shadow faction, you’ll unlock the ability to do Shadow Contracts, and various other activities for that faction. You start off with three Shadow Contracts available, but soon will be limited to one per day. These give high amounts of xp, so make sure you’re doing them as often as you can.

The Shadows also have another daily activity called the Shadow Assembly. This will happen Monday through Saturday between 6pm and 8pm. This is another really high xp activity that is easy to complete and is well worth doing as it only takes about 10 minutes.


Beyond that, you can do other Shadow activities like raiding the vault, completing floors of the Path of Blood etc. Most faction activities have the chance to reward high xp. And most of them are repeatable daily. So do these often.

Complete daily bounties

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Another way to help level up fast in Diablo Immortal is by doing daily bounties. These will be available earlier than the faction opportunities and are unlocked soon after arriving in Westmarch. In fact part of the main story questline will be to go around Westmarch and familiarize yourself with the different things in town that you can interact with.


One of these will be the bounty board. Once you know where it is, come back to it every day you log on to do the bounties that are available to you. If you miss a day, then you’ll simply have four additional bounties to do next time. These can stack up to 24 total. So even if you don’t play for an entire work week, you can simply do all 24 in one day the next time you log on.

In addition to giving you xp, bounties also have a chance to drop legendary gear and you get tons of other gear that you can break down for materials. Bounties also reward you with gold. So there’s plenty of incentive to do these beyond the xp for leveling.

Run Elder Rifts

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Elder Rifts are another great way to gain some xp and help your levels. These are also fairly short and quick to complete so you won’t have to spend a lot of time in each one. Plus, as you gain rare crests and the admittedly paltry amount of legendary crests that don’t require money, you can slot these in to gain better rewards on top of the xp from killing all those monsters.

Dungeons and raids

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Some of the activities in the battle pass portion of the codex will task you with completing raids or dungeons. And each day there will be a new activity that can reward you with double xp. These won’t always be dungeons, but sometimes they will be. On those days, you can run dungeons over and over for double xp rewards to your heart’s content.


You also have a chance to gain some decent gear drops. We do however recommend finding a group for these as enemies will be harder and you’ll gain more xp from killing them and completing the dungeons. Luckily, dungeons in Diablo Immortal have a party finder mechanic so you can easily find others looking to do the same thing.

Don’t sleep on the Beastiary pages

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One last thing we want to recommend for great xp rewards is Beastiary pages. To complete a Beastiary page, you need to collect monster essence. Which you will get randomly as you kill demons and other enemies out in the world.

This is a great way to earn xp because much of the time that you’re out in the world completing bounties and contracts, you’ll be killing enemies. You’re also killing enemies in dungeons, rifts, and basically all other content. So make sure to grab the monster essence that drops as you see it. Once you cllect 10 of them, you can turn them in at the Beastiary, which you can find in the main hub of each zone.

The Beastiary is also one of the best chances to earn legendary gear drops. So there’s another bonus on top of earning xp. And the better your gear, the faster you can complete the game’s various activities. If you haven’t checked out Diablo Immortal yet, you can grab it on Google Play, iOS, or on PC through the Battle.net launcher.