This PlayStation Plus Black Friday Deal Is The Only Deal You Need

playstation plus

Amazon has started its Black Friday sale, which includes savings on a year of PlayStation Plus. You can currently get a year for just $39.99. That’s good for around 33% off of its regular price – which is normally $59.99.

What is PlayStation Plus though? Well, it is a subscription service for playing games on your PlayStation console – it currently supports PlayStation 3 and 4, and soon the PlayStation 5. It’s going to allow you to play games online with your friends, and also get discounts on games and other services. Which can really come in clutch. Basically, PlayStation Plus pays for the company’s servers for online gameplay.

On top of that, Sony also gives you at least two free games every month. Which makes it more than worth the price. They aren’t always super popular games, but they are free. And you can play them as long as you keep your PlayStation Plus subscription. Last year, the value of all of the free games that came with PlayStation Plus was a whopping $894. This year, it’s likely higher. As PlayStation gave away quite a few while we were all stuck at home during this quarantine. So it’s definitely worth the price.


If you just bought a PS5, then PS+ is definitely worth buying. As you will instantly get access to over 30 games – and not bad ones either. So you’ll instantly get a whole library of games for your PS5.

CDKeys is a reputable company too, which offers discounted keys for video games and such. You’ll find loads of other great video games and subscription services that are on sale through their website as well. Making it a really great resource for gamers.

You can pick up a year of PlayStation Plus by clicking here. It’s available through Amazon, which will explain how to redeem your code after you make your purchase.


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