Nanoleaf Black Friday Sale Brings Rare Discounts To Its Lighting Kits

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Nanoleaf has kicked off its Black Friday sale today, and these prices will be available until December 1 at 11:59PM. It's very rare that Nanoleaf's lights are on sale, so this is the time to grab one (or two).

Even though, the discounts are pretty small, about 10% on each lighting kit, as mentioned these do not go on sale often at all.

Nanoleaf's lights are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, as well as Apple's Siri/Homekit. So no matter the platform you can use your voice to control the lights, and set up different scenes.

  • As part of this sale, you can get the Nanoleaf light smarter kit (15-pack) for $269, saving $30 off of its regular price.
  • The Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit is down to $179, saving you $20 off of its regular price.

The Nanoleaf Light Smarter Kit is the OG so to say, of the Nanoleaf family. These are triangle lights, that can be added together and make for some really cool designs in your home. Whether you're looking to add some accent lighting, or a really cool looking light fixture in your home office, this is the time to pick them up.

Then there is the Nanoleaf Canvas Smart Kit, which is very similar, but the lights are in squares. Which can make even more impressive designs on your wall or ceiling.

These aren't smart bulbs, but are smart lights. Mostly used as accent lighting. It can really brighten a room, since these panels are super bright.

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You can shop the Nanoleaf Black Friday sale by clicking here. This sale is good until December 1, as mentioned, so you'd better get your order in now before it is gone. It's great to buy from Nanoleaf's website, since their products are usually out of stock at most stores that carry them – like Amazon and Best Buy.

Shop the Nanoleaf Black Friday Sale