Save 15% On Award-Winning TCL 4K Roku TVs – Cyber Monday Deals 2020

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For Cyber Monday, Amazon has discounted a number of TCL's award winning Roku TVs. Allowing you to save up to 15% on them.

Now that may not sound like a lot, but remember, these TVs are already pretty inexpensive. So to see them discounted even further is always nice to see.

Starting things off, we have the TCL 5-Series 4K QLED TVs on sale. The 50-inch model is $399, and the 75-inch is $1,199. Now these are not the most high-end TVs that TCL makes, but these are mid-range QLED TVs. And perhaps the cheapest QLED TVs that you can buy right now. A 50-inch for under $400 is actually really impressive. Nevermind the fact that it is a QLED TV too.


Then we have the 4-series TVs from TCL. These are 1080p models, and they come in 40-inch and 43-inch, priced at $179 and $199 respectively. Finally, there is a 3-series 32-inch TV for $129. This is also a 1080p TV. At these smaller sizes, the 1080p resolution likely isn't going to bother you to much. Which is good to see.

All of these run Roku out of the box. So you won't need to buy a Roku to add to your TV to get all of your favorite apps. Roku runs just about every app out there. Including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, YouTube TV, Sling TV, HBO MAX, and much more. So you'll have plenty of content to watch. There is also support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice support. And finally, Roku does also support Cast. Allowing you to Cast virtually anything to your Roku TV.

You can pick up these TCL Roku TVs from Amazon today in this Cyber Monday sale by clicking here. These prices are likely only good today and will expire at midnight PST. So you better grab them before they are gone.

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