Best Buy Black Friday Slashes Prices On Corsair PC Gaming Gear

Black Friday Corsair Gaming

Not to be outdone on deals and savings, Best Buy held its own Prime Day of sorts that it referred to as a Black Friday sale, and it's slashing prices on some PC gaming gear from Corsair.

There are a handful of products included in Best Buy's deals for its Black Friday offering, including three Corsair gaming keyboards, a Corsair gaming mouse mat, a Corsair gaming headset, and a Corsair gaming mouse.

Essentially it's all the gaming accessories you need for PC gaming setup. Including the headphones. And if you don't like the headphones Corsair has to offer, you can still save money on headphones from Razer.  Because the company's Amazon Prime Day deals are still currently available.


In regards to the offerings from Corsair, you can save money on the K70 keyboard and the K95 keyboard. The latter of which is available in two different colors. Both the K70 and K95 are RGB backlit mechanical gaming keyboards too. With a full suite of features like media keys, a digital roller, tenkey layouts and more.

The keyboards are also wired so that's worth keeping in mind. These are full-size keyboards as well, and they use Cherry MX Speed switches. Right now you can pick up the Corsair K70 for $89.99. The normal price though is $149.99.

With the K95 you can pick up the Gunmetal variant for $129.99 down from its original price of $199.99. If you want the Black model then you'll pay a little bit more at $159.99, but it's still cheaper than it normally is. The mouse is a fairly basic gaming offering. With a couple of side buttons, some RGB lighting, and an affordable price point of $39.99.


The mouse mat is the lowest price offering on the list at $14.99, but this is also Corsair's extended MM300 model. So you have lots of space for your keyboard (or laptop) and mouse.

Corsair PC Gaming Gear - Best Buy Black Friday - Save Up To $70