Comparison: Galaxy Tab S8 vs Galaxy Tab A7

Tab s8 vs Tab a7

A good tablet can be the best companion to help increase your workflow. Either that, or it can replace your TV as your primary means of consuming Netflix. Whatever the case, there are some compelling Samsung tablets out there. Here’s a comparison of the Galaxy Tab S8 vs the Galaxy Tab A7.

The abovementioned tablets are both tablets made in recent years, and they’re both actually pretty affordable. They are designed to appeal to two different markets. So, the important question isn’t which one is better; it’s which one is better for YOU. So, let’s dive in!


Galaxy Tab S8Galaxy Tab A7
Display11-inch WQXGA
LCD (2560 x 1600)
TFT LCD (2000 x 1200)
Processor4nm Octa-Core SoC Snapdragon 662
Battery Capacity8,000mAh7,040mAh
Charging Speeds45W Fast Charging15W charging
SoftwareAndroid 12Android 11 One UI 3.1
Rear Cameras13MP wide
6MP ultrawide
Front Camera12MP ultrawide5MP
Dimensions9.99 x 6.51 x 0.25″9.75 x 6.20 x 0.28″
Dark Gray

Galaxy Tab S8 vs Galaxy Tab A7: Display

Both the Galaxy Tab S8 and Tab A7 have similar displays, but there are some notable differences. For starters, the Tab A7’s display (10.4 inches) is about 6% smaller than the Tab S8’s display (11 inches). That’s not really going to make a difference when it comes to feel in the hand. One thing you’ll notice, however, is that the Galaxy Tab S8 has thinner bezels than the Tab A7.


These devices have similar screen sizes but very different resolutions. The Tab S8’s display (2560 x 1600) has 70% more pixels than the Galaxy A7’s display (2000 x 1200). Plainly put, the Tab S8’s display is just above QHD, and the A7’s display is just above FHD resolution.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

This means that the picture on the Tab S8’s display is going to be a bit sharper compared to the Tab A7. This will be important if you plan on watching a lot of 4K content. You won’t see the full 4K resolution on the Tab S8, but you’ll see it in QHD resolution.


Aside from the resolution, you can bet that the screen on the Tab S8 is of a higher quality. You’ll have a better viewing experience using the Galaxy Tab S8.

Galaxy Tab S8 vs Galaxy Tab A7: Performance

When it comes to performance, the Galaxy Tab S8 has a clear lead over the Tab A7. The former uses a newer flagship-grade processor (the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1), and the latter uses an older mid-range processor (the Snapdragon 662).

When it comes to RAM and storage, it’s pretty much the same story. The Galaxy Tab S8 has 8GB of RAM and either 128GB or 256GB of storage. As for the Tab A7, you’ll get between 3GB and 4GB of RAM and 32GB and 64GB of storage. Basically put, the lowest-tier Tab S8 has double the RAM and storage as the highest-tier A7.


This difference puts these tablets into two different markets. The Tab S8 is more for productivity and getting heavy work done. You’ll be able to store more files on it if need be. The Galaxy A7 is more for casual users who just want a bigger screen. It can be used for some light gaming, writing, and video watching.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 2

Galaxy Tab S8 vs Galaxy Tab A7: Battery

When it comes to battery life, it could be an interesting story. The Galaxy Tab S8 has an 8,000mAh battery, and the Tab A7 has a 7,040mAh battery. The Tab S8’s battery is around 13% bigger than the A7’s battery.


Now, you would expect the Tab S8 to automatically have better life, but there are a few things to think about. Firstly, again, the A7 has a lot fewer pixels than the Tab S8. A less pixel-dense display means that less energy is consumed while powering it.

Another thing to consider would be the processors. The Galaxy Tab S8 uses a processor that’s notoriously less power-efficient. That’s one of the things that tech reviewers gripe about with the chip. However, the Snapdragon 662 is a less power-hungry chip, so it should help squeeze more mileage out of the battery.

Galaxy Tab S8 vs Galaxy Tab A7: Charging

The Galaxy Tab A7 might, ostensibly, pull more battery power from its battery, but you’ll be able to charge the Tab S8’s battery faster. The Galaxy Tab A7 uses 15W battery charging while the Tab S8 uses 45W fast charging. That’s 3x faster.


Galaxy Tab S8 family images leak 7

Galaxy Tab S8 vs Galaxy Tab A7: Cameras

When it comes to camera technology, the Galaxy Tab S8 pulls another victory. Not many people use their tablets for their cameras, but they can be useful in a pinch.

The Galaxy Tab S8 has a dual-camera setup that consists of a 13MP main camera and a 6MP ultrawide camera. As for the Tab A7, you get a singular 8MP camera on the rear.


The Galaxy Tab S8 is a more modern and more expensive device. Take that along with the added megapixel count, and you can tell that you’ll get better pictures from the Tab S8. Also, the camera package is more versatile because of the addition of the 6MP ultrawide camera.

As for the front-facing cameras, the Galaxy Tab S8 has a 12MP selfie camera. That camera far outweighs the 5MP camera on the front of the Tab A7. If you’re looking to do any video calling on your tablet, you might want to consider the Galaxy Tab S8. You’ll definitely get a clearer picture. Not only that, but you can expect the software behind the camera to also be better, since it’s a newer tablet.

Galaxy Tab S8 vs Galaxy Tab A7: Software

Samsung does a good job at keeping its less expensive devices on the current version of One UI. You should expect a pretty up-to-date experience regardless of the tablet that you use.


However, there are a few things to think about. For starters, the Galaxy Tab S8 is newer. If you pick up this device, it will get software updates further into the future than the Tab A7.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 DarkGray

Also, since the Galaxy Tab S8 has a more powerful processor, you can expect it to have a more complete experience. OEMs usually take features out of the software for its older devices to keep them running smoothly. Thus, you can expect the Tab A7 to gain fewer features when future software versions come out.

Galaxy Tab S8 vs Galaxy Tab A7: Price

To sum things up, these two tablets are meant to appeal to two different price brackets. The $299 Galaxy Tab A7 is meant for people who want an inexpensive device to watch content on and maybe get some light work done. It’s for people who are on a budget and who don’t mind the lack of certain premium features.

On the other hand, the $699 Galaxy Tab S8 is designed for people who still want to save money but also want a more premium experience. This tablet has more power and storage. This could be used for fun, but it can also be a great business tool.

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