You Don't Want To Miss This Flash Sale On The MagSafe AirPods Pro

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The newly updated Airpods Pro with MagSafe Case just hit their lowest price ever. Right now, you can pick up the new Airpods Pro for just $174, which is $15 lower than its previous all-time low, and is about $25 off of its regular price. Not a huge price, but the Airpods Pro never really get discounted.

Battery life on the AirPods Pro are actually really good. We’re looking at 4.5 hours of continuous battery life, which may not sound impressive. But we have to remember that there is also active noise cancellation available on these truly wireless earbuds. Which do use quite a bit of battery and leaves less room for battery in the earbud themselves. The case will give you about 24 hours of playback. Which is nice. And that is done with wireless charging, so you can pop them onto any Qi Wireless charging pad to charge them up.

Apple has included an Adaptive EQ, which will automatically tune music to the shape of your ear. You’ll get quick access to Siri if you have a compatible device (read: Apple device), and there are three sizes of silicon eartips available. So you can choose the eartip that best fits your ears. And that might not be the same eartip as everyone else.


The AirPods Pro do easily pair with Apple devices, which makes them really great for those that have an iPad, iPhone or even a Mac. However, if you are using another device, they still pair using Bluetooth. Unfortunately these do not support Fast Pair on Android.

With the addition of MagSafe, they will now attach to a MagSafe charger and stay there. Basically, Apple added in a magnet for it to work with MagSafe. As they already had wireless charging available, and many used it on MagSafe chargers. But now they will stay put.

You can pick up the AirPods Pro from Amazon in this deal by clicking here. This price won’t last long.


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