Can The Roborock S7 Replace Your Upright Vacuum Entirely?

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Robot vacuums are getting really good these days, but are they good enough to replace your upright vacuum entirely? It really depends on your household. But for myself, it has. The only vacuum I use in my home is the Roborock S7 – occasionally, the H7 too, but very rarely does it get used to clean the floors. It’s more-so for the furniture, and cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling.

But given all of the added features of the Roborock S7, can it finally replace your upright vacuum? Let’s explore that question.

What factors does it depend on?

So two of the biggest factors that this question depends on is how many floors are in your home? And how many kids and pets do you have. If you have a few pets as well as a couple of kids, then a robot vacuum may not be the best bet for you. Especially with all of that pet hair. Though with the Roborock S7’s new rubber rolling brush, it does better at picking up that pet hair as well as not getting tangled.


For myself, I don’t have any kids, and do have a dog. She does shed a good amount, though she is naturally a short-haired dog so it’s nothing to bad. But the Roborock S7 is good at getting all of her hair up, and rarely leaves anything behind. It’s also pretty good at avoiding things, even though it does not have ReactiveAI like the Roborock S6 MaxV has.

Now, as far as how big your home is, the floors does matter. Because Robot vacuums cannot yet climb stairs, that means you’re going to need to physically move it to the next level. Or get a robot vacuum for each level – which can get very costly, very quickly. Thankfully, the Roborock S7 is able to remember multiple floor plans. So it can be used on multiple floors in your home.

Can the Roborock S7 pick up as much dirt as an upright vacuum?

Again, this depends on your flooring. If you have a lot of laminate or hardwood flooring in your home, then the Roborock S7 will pick up all of the dirt with no issues.


However, if you do have carpet, particularly high carpet, then it could leave some dirt behind. But thanks to the Max Mode on the Roborock S7, it does bring in a lot of suction and picks up a ton of dirt. Which is impressive, and picks up dirt that I don’t even see – though I do wear glasses so maybe that’s why.

The S7 does a good job of getting into the corners and the edges of your rooms too. Even though it has just one side brush available, it is able to loosen the dirt, for the S7 to pick up with ease.

Automate your cleaning with the Auto-Empty Dock

One of the great advantages of having the Roborock S7 is the Auto-Empty Dock. While it is an additional cost, coming in at $299, it allows you to automate your cleaning.


Roborock has always allowed you to set up a schedule for cleaning with your robot vacuum. However, with the Auto-Empty Dock you now have the ability to clean your home daily and not worry about emptying the dustbin. Which is something we all happen to forget quite a bit.

For me, for instance, I have the Roborock S7 set to vacuum every day around 1PM. It runs around my apartment, then docks and empties itself. So I never have to think about whether the dustbin needs to be emptied or not.

So can I throw out my upright vacuum for the Roborock S7?

Yes. I firmly believe that you can. Unless you have a very large home, one that can’t be cleaned on a single charge, or have a lot pets and/or kids. In that case, an upright vacuum is going to be better for you.


But for the majority of us, the Roborock S7 is going to be a good replacement.

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