You Can Buy The Xbox Series X|S From These Retailers

Xbox Series X Xbox Series S
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Microsoft will officially allow you to buy the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S tomorrow, September 22. Pre-orders will also go live at 8AM PT in the US and Canada. So be ready.

These are of course pre-orders, so you won’t actually have the console shipped to you right away. As the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S won’t even release until November 10.

That being said, there are going to be multiple places to buy the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. And we’ve rounded them up for you here so you can easily get to the retailer where you personally wish to place the pre-order.


Following last week’s big PS5 pre-order mess, it might also be wise to be completely ready to buy the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. Meaning set up an account for any retailer where you plan to pay for the console.

What this will do is allow you to skip entering all your purchase information. So long as you save that to your account ahead of time. Then you can just click the buy button, which should give you a better chance of scoring a pre-order.

Where to buy the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Directly from Microsoft

Just like with Sony with its PS5, Microsoft will be selling the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S through its own online store. It may even offer deals or promotional bundles that you can’t get through other retailers.


Keeping that in mind, you can pick up your new console from Microsoft directly. If you’re already active on the Microsoft store and buy other products from there, this might be the best place to get the console.

Buy Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S - Microsoft


Naturally, Amazon will be selling the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as well.


And as Amazon offers Prime shipping to its Prime members, this may be the fastest way to get you pre-order. Having said that, Amazon has reportedly notified some customer who pre-ordered the PS5 that the console may not arrive by the launch day of  November 12.

Which may suggest issues with stock or distribution centers. The same thing could happen with Microsoft’s upcoming consoles. That makes it worthwhile to really consider where you’ll buy the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

Buy Xbox Series X/ Xbox Series S - Amazon



Best Buy

As another major retailer in the US, and one that has a pretty big game section, Best Buy will be holding pre-orders as well.

It should be carrying both versions of the console. Just as every other retailer who has them for pre-order should too. If you like your Best Buy reward points, this is where you may want to go to rack some more up.


Buy Xbox Series X - Best Buy

Buy Xbox Series S - Best Buy


It’s no surprise that Walmart will carry the new Xbox consoles. And as such you can place your pre-orders here too.


If there’s one thing to keep in mind about these pre-orders though, it’s that Walmart is the retailer who started selling ahead of time with the pS5. More or less kicking off all the issues Sony had with its PS5 pre-orders.

Watch Walmart to see if it does the same thing with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Because if it does, stock may go much quicker.

Buy Xbox Series X - Walmart


Buy Xbox Series S - Walmart


Of course we can’t forget about Target. Target is a pretty big retailer and while they aren’t as big in electronics or video games as companies like Best Buy, Amazon, or GameStop, they do still have a section for video games and carry all major console launches.

As such you can pre-order the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S from Target as well.

Buy Xbox Series X - Target

Buy Xbox Series S - Target

Buy the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S on launch day

If you’re aren’t one to pre-order, you can always wait and check these websites on launch day to purchase one of the new consoles the day it officially goes on sale.

Also worth remembering is that launch day may end up providing more stock than during the pre-order period. However if you want to be certain that you’ll have the console on launch day, then pre-ordering is probably the safest plan.

Then you can get right to gaming the day of.