This UGREEN 45W USB-C wall charger is a must-buy at $28

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Right now, Amazon has the UGREEN 45W USB-C wall charger on sale for just $27.99. That is a really incredible price for what you’re getting here. That’s $12 off of its regular price, and it’s a dual USB-C charger too. So you can charge two devices at once here.

This USB-C charger does output at 45W, which is fast enough for a laptop and a lot of smartphones. Though definitely not the fastest. Keep in mind that this is also 45W across both ports. So if you plug in two devices, you’re going to see slower speeds on both devices that are charging. That’s pretty common with chargers.

UGREEN is using GaN in a lot of its chargers, which is why they are so small these days. Even at 45W, this one is closer to a 5W or 10W charger, in size. That’s because GaN, or Gallium Nitride, uses a lot less space to keep the charger cool, compared to Silicon. Which is definitely a good thing. Especially as charging speeds get faster and faster.

It’s a great charger to take with you when you are traveling too, since it is so small. There’s always room in a bag for a charger that is this small. So that’s definitely good to see here.


If you have a phone that doesn’t quite charge at 45W, like a Pixel 7, don’t worry. This charger (and every other charger), will only give the phone as much as it can handle. Essentially, the product that is plugged in, communicates with the charger to tell it how much juice it can handle. So if it can only handle 18W, that’s all it’ll get. On phones like the OnePlus 10T that does 125W charging, you won’t get that here, but it will max out at 45W.

You can pick up the UGREEN 45W USB-C wall charger from Amazon today by clicking here. 

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