Tile Trackers Are Now 30% Off Across The Board

Tile tracker pack render

If you’re constantly forgetting your keys at home, or are afraid to lose some of your stuff, having a tile tracker may not be a bad idea. The good news is, Tile trackers are now discounted for Prime Day. The day has passed, but the deals are still here.

There are five different packs on offer, for you to consider. All of them are discounted by 30-percent, which is a nice discount considering their regular price tags. Let’s start with the most affordable offering, the Tile Pro (2020).

The Tile Pro (2020) is a small tile tracker ideal for your keychain, backpack, or something similar. It has a 400 ft range, and it is also water resistant. The battery should last about a year, and you can replace it. This thing is now priced at $24.99, while it usually costs $34.99.


You can now also get two Tile Mate (2020) trackers for $33.59 (down from $47.99). The Tile Mate is even smaller than the Tile Pro, which makes it an even better choice for some smaller items.

This Tile tracker is also water resistant, and it comes with a replaceable battery that should last about a year. Its range is diminished compared to the Tile Pro, though, as we’re looking at a 200 ft range here.

The “Tile Performance Pack (2020)” is also on offer, and it consists out of a Tile Slim and Tile Pro trackers. We’ve already talked about the Tile Pro (2020) tracker, while the Tile Slim (2020) is extremely thin, as its name says. It is ideal for your wallet. This pack will set you back $41.99. (down from $59.99).


You can get a four pack which includes two Tile Mate and two Tile Slim trackers for $52.49 (down from $74.99). The most expensive pack listed consists out of two Tile Pros (2020), one Tile Slim, and one Tile Sticker. This pack will cost you $69.99 (down from $99.99).

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