You Can Save Up To 50% Off of TicWatch Smartwatches Today

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Today, in Amazon’s Epic Daily Deals, you are able to save up to 50% off of select TicWatch smartwatches. So if you didn’t pick up a new smartwatch over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, today is the day to do it.

Starting with the TicWatch GTH smartwatch, which is now down to $49.99. That’s down from its regular price of $79.99.

The rest of these smartwatches are powered by Wear OS. That includes the TicWatch E3 which is now $139 – down from $199. As well as the TicWatch C2 Plus which is now $146.99, down from $209.99.


There’s also the higher-end TicWatch Pro 4G LTE smartwatch which is now $149, down from $299 – that’s good for a full 50% discount. Amazon also has the TicWatch Pro S on sale for $149.99, and the TicWatch Pro 3 on sale for $199, down from $299.

Aside from the TicWatch GTH, the rest of these run on Wear OS, and have various different features, which is what sets them apart from each other. The TicWatch E3 is one of the newer models from the company. Which runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform, it is also IP68 waterproof. Because it uses Wear OS, you’re going to be using Google Fit for keeping track of your health data and workout date. You also can get notifications on your wrist.

Of course, there is also support for NFC payments with Google Pay with the TicWatch E3, which makes this $139 smartwatch really impressive to say the least. Battery life isn’t insane, but once it drops below 5% it will turn on battery saving mode, to keep the watch running until you can charge it. You can also turn on this battery saver at any other time too.


You can pick up these TicWatch smartwatch models from Amazon today by clicking here. Remember that this sale is good today only and will expire at midnight PST tonight.

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