Why You Should Save Yourself $300 And Get The Pixel 6

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Google has made it pretty tough to choose between the two Pixel 6 smartphones this year. Previously, it was easier to decide, because there was a smaller phone and a larger phone. But in 2021, Google basically has left us with a big phone, or a bigger phone. So it really comes down to the features, as to which one is the better choice.

And we believe that the Google Pixel 6 is the better choice, and it’ll save you $300. Or about $200 if you’re buying on Verizon, due to mmWave. And we’re going to highlight why we believe you should save your cash and get the Pixel 6. Of course, the decision is ultimately up to you.

Specs are 95% the same between both Pixel 6 models

First up, the specs are almost the same. The only real difference is display, RAM, camera and battery, between the two. And for most people, this is not going to make a huge difference.


The display is 6.7-inches, QHD+ and 120Hz on the Pixel 6 Pro. While the Pixel 6 has a 6.4-inch FHD+ 90Hz display. Pretty minimal differences there. You won’t see a major difference between the 90Hz and 120Hz on any smartphone, to be quite honest.

RAM or memory is also different between the two. 8GB on the Pixel 6 and 12GB on the Pixel 6 Pro. But that has not affected my experience with either model. Both feel about the same, in terms of snappiness and keeping apps in memory.

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In terms of the camera, it’s the same, except for the telephoto that is added on the Pixel 6 Pro. Now, yes it is nice to have that 4X telephoto available. But is it worth $300 more? Probably not. And we can’t forget that Google’s software Zoom, Super Res Zoom, is actually really good.

Finally, the battery. Since the Pixel 6 Pro is larger, it does have a larger battery at 5003mAh capacity, and a 4614mAh on the Pixel 6. That difference is minimal, especially when you compare the screens. Since the Pixel 6 Pro’s screen will use up more juice.

Otherwise the two are the same. With the same Tensor chipset, 128GB of storage on the base model, etc. There are a few reasons to get the Pixel 6 Pro for its better specs, but for most people, it’s not going to matter.


Curved displays look cool, but aren’t good

When you put the Pixel 6 next to the Pixel 6 Pro, you’ll see that the Pixel 6 Pro has much smaller bezels. Why? Because it has a curved display. The Pixel 6 does not have a curved display, which makes the phone look like it has much larger bezels. But in your hand, it’s really not that much bigger. It’s okay to have bigger bezels.

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Curved displays look cool, but they usually cause more hassle than they are worth. Many curved display smartphones have issues with accidental touches. Though, that has not been a problem for me on the Pixel 6 Pro, thankfully. But it is also much easier to scratch, and tougher to put a screen protector on, because they don’t cover the entire curved display.


So this alone is a big reason to stick with the Pixel 6.

Pixel 6 has more fun and exciting colors

Now, I know a lot of people are just going to stick a case on their Pixel 6. So the fact that it comes in fun colors means little to nothing. But for those that like to use a clear case on their phone, the Kinda Coral and Sorta Seafoam colors of the Pixel 6 are pretty cool.

Meanwhile, the Pixel 6 Pro comes in Sorta Sunny, Cloudy White and Stormy Black. Basically, black, white and a yellow and orange model in the Sorta Sunny. Which doesn’t look as cool as what the Pixel 6 has.


Google sent me review units of the Pixel 6 in Sorta Seafoam and the Pro in Cloudy White. I do like both colors, but the Sorta Seafoam is my favorite out of the two.

On top of that, the sides and border of the camera bar on the Pixel 6 is black. Instead of straight up aluminum like it is on the Pro. Obviously, both are aluminum, but Google painted the sides of the Pixel 6, and it looks nicer, in my opinion.

It’s always good to have options and that’s what this is all about.


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In the end, $300 is a lot of money

Saving $300 by buying the Pixel 6 is no small feat. Heck, that’s half the price of the Pixel 6 already. So saving that much on a new smartphone is definitely a good thing. And the fact that you can get a fully, flagship smartphone for under $600 (or $700 if you’re on Verizon) is pretty impressive. It also continues a trend we’ve seen a lot of this year.

In 2020, we saw more and more phones pushing past that $1,000 barrier. But then the pandemic happened. And that caused phone makers to release new phones in 2021 that were cheaper. Samsung reduced the price of its Galaxy S21 by about $200 across the board, when compared to its predecessors. Now with Google, it’s a bit tougher to compare to the Pixel 5, since that was solidly a mid-range smartphone, and was the same $599 and $699 for mmWave as the Pixel 6 is.


So we are starting to see more and more smartphones coming in at these lower prices, and still offering flagship specs, features and build. And that’s a great thing. It means that you can spend $600 and still get a flagship, rather than a mid-range processor.