Sony's INZONE Wireless Gaming Headsets are back on sale

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Sony’s popular INZONE wireless (and wired) gaming headsets are back on sale over at Amazon. So now is a good time to pick up a pair.

The Sony INZONE H3 is a wired gaming headset and it is on sale for $78, that’s down from $99. The INZONE H7 gaming headset is also on sale, coming in at $198, that’s down from $229. While the H9 is on sale for $278, and that’s down from $299. So definitely some great prices here.

Unfortunately, the INZONE H7 is not on sale right now. It’s still sitting at the regular price of $228.


Both of these headsets are the same, minus one key feature. The INZONE H3 is a wired gaming headset, while the INZONE H7 is a wireless gaming headset. Otherwise they both are over-ear headphones with personalized 360 Spatial Sound included. Which is going to really help you feel really immersed in your game.

These headsets are made specifically for PC and the PlayStation 5. So if you are gaming on either platform, then this is a really good option for you.

On top of that, the INZONE headsets are also very comfortable to wear. Thanks to the shape that is designed to minimize pressure on your ears and offset to the side of your head. There’s also soft nylon earpads, that provide comfort for wearing these all day long.


Battery life on the INZONE H7 is rated at 40 hours, which is actually better than the H9 (which is not on sale today). But that also offers ANC as well as RGB lighting. While neither the H7 nor the H3 have RGB lighting available. But you can still optimize these for better audio in the INZONE Hub, available on both PC and PlayStation 5. The H7 also works on 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth. It’s not really needed to use 5GHz, since it needs better coverage over better speeds.

You can pick up the Sony INZONE H3 and INZONE H7 headsets from Amazon by clicking the links below. This sale is likely not going to last very long, so you’re going to want to be quick.

Sony INZONE H3 - Amazon


Sony INZONE H7 - Amazon

Sony INZONE H9 - Amazon