All Samsung Galaxy 2021 Flagships Are Now Discounted For Prime Day

samsung galaxy s21 AH 1

All Samsung Galaxy 2021 flagships are now discounted on Amazon, as part of Prime Day. Those devices include the Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, and even the Galaxy S20 FE, which is not technically a 2021 flagship.

All devices do come with considerable discounts. The Galaxy S20 FE is definitely worth noting, If you don’t mind getting last year’s high-end devices, you can save up $220.99. You can get the phone now for only $479.

The Galaxy S21 is $200 more affordable now, and it costs $599.99. The Galaxy S21+ can be yours for $699.99, as it’s discounted by $200 as well. The Galaxy S21 Ultra got a massive discount of $300. It is now priced at $899.99.


As you can see, all these phones are discounted quite a bit. Now is the right time to get one of them, if you’ve been planning to do it either way. The Galaxy S22 series is still half a year away, at least, so… it could be a great idea to snatch one of the Galaxy S21 units.

All Galaxy S21 handsets that are on offer come with the Snapdragon 888 SoC. These are the US models after all. All of them come with a similar design language, and do offer premium build. Some more than others, though, due to build materials.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is, without a doubt, the most powerful of them all. The thing is, not many people need that much power, nor want such a gigantic phone. It’s great there are options here.


The Galaxy S21 is your best bet if you’d like something a bit more compact. If not, the Galaxy S21+ and S20 FE could be an ideal size for most people. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is not only larger, but it’s also considerably heavier than all others. If that’s what you prefer, go right ahead.

All three phones are linked below, in case you’re interested.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE - Amazon


Samsung Galaxy S21 - Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S21+ - Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - Amazon