Black Friday Savings Arrives Early For The Roborock S7+, Now Just $719

roborock s7 plus AH

Roborock’s best robot vacuum yet, the Roborock S7+ is back on sale and now at an all-time low. You can pick it up for just $719 today, which is a solid $230 off of its regular price. You definitely won’t want to miss that.

The regular price for the Roborock S7+ is $949, however, it is currently discounted to $759. But you can save another $40 when you clip the on-page coupon. Making it just $719! That is a very impressive price for the S7+.

This is an impressive bundle to pick up, as it allows you to really take full advantage of the Roborock S7. It’s the first Roborock robot vacuum that is able to automatically empty into the dock when it starts charging. The dock has a couple of filters built-in, allowing you to empty the S7 and not let any dirt or dust get into the air. That’s important for those with allergies.


Now, the Roborock S7 is pretty impressive in its own right. It sports 2500Pa suction, which is very strong, and one of the strongest on the market. Of course, the S7 also has Sonic Mopping, allowing it to easily get up all of the dirt and dust on your floors and mop up those dried on messes too. There’s also VibraRise here, which allows the S7 to pick up the mop off of the floor when it is not on a hardwood or laminate floor.

This bundle will be able to replace your current upright vacuum, pretty easily. And at this price, we’d sure hope so. But you also won’t need to remember to empty the S7 for up to two months. That’s how long the Auto-Empty Dock is able to empty the S7.

You can pick up the Roborock S7+ from Amazon today by clicking here. This price will not last long – only through this weekend – so you’d better be quick on this one.


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