Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Roborock Vacuum

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Roborock has grown from a company that was making robot vacuums for Xiaomi, to making its own robot vacuums (and even a cordless stick vacuum) with many different price points in mind.

It also makes some of the best robot vacuums in the industry, these days, and here’s why.

Today, we’re focusing on three vacuums from Roborock’s lineup: the S6 MaxV, S5 Max and the H6 cordless stick vacuum.

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Roborock S6 MaxV

Here’s why you should buy the Roborock S6 MaxV

The Roborock S6 MaxV earned our “Editor’s Choice” award when we reviewed it earlier this year. But there are a couple of features of this robot vacuum that really make it stand out.

Avoids any and every obstacle

Firstly, the S6 MaxV boasts an advanced avoidance and recognition system, that allows it to easily avoid things that might be on the floor. It can recognize objects like cords, shoes, scales, and even dog poop.

It is able to recognize these objects from a combination of three things. The stereo camera on the front of the S6 MaxV, the Qualcomm APQ8053 processor and artificial intelligence. These all work together to make the S6 MaxV smarter, and avoid things that it could get tangled up in.


From our experience with the S6 MaxV and the very many other robot vacuums on the market today, this is a game-changing feature. Robot vacuums are always getting stuck on something, yet the S6 MaxV rarely ever gets stuck or tangled in a nest of cables.

Powerful suction – 2500Pa

On top of the advanced avoidance and recognition system that the S6 MaxV has, it also has increased suction. It is rated for 2500Pa, and that’s a big bump over its earlier robot vacuums that were rated for 2000Pa.

With this better suction, the S6 MaxV is able to pick up more dirt, dust, pet hair and allergens, than other robot vacuums. Providing you with a deeper clean around your home.


Maps multiple levels of your home

The S6 MaxV is also able to map multiple levels of your home, making this the perfect robot vacuum for those that have more than one floor in their home.

Once you start the S6 MaxV, it will turn around and locate itself. This helps it know not only what floor it is on, but also where on that floor it is. Think of it as the S6 MaxV flipping through maps to find the right one, like many of us did before Google Maps existed.

The Roborock S6 MaxV is able to remember four different floor plans, and 10 no-go zones, no-go lines and no-mop zones per level. The only thing it can’t do is move to each level.


Precision water control takes robotic mopping to the next level

Finally, the Roborock S6 MaxV also offers precision water control in its mopping When its mopping module is attached, it will automatically avoid your no-mop zones.. That way it is not mopping your carpeted rooms, and making an absolute mess. It also turns off the water flow when it is heading back to the dock. Keeping your floors clean, and only mopping when you want it to.

The user also has complete control over the water flow. Allowing you to choose to have it mop with more water in the kitchen, and less in the living room. Particularly helpful if your kitchen is an absolute mess, or if you want the living room floor to dry very quickly.

The Roborock S6 MaxV will be just $599 during Prime Day (that’s October 13 and 14), good for $150 off of its regular price!


Buy Roborock S6 MaxV

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Roborock S5 Max

Roborock’s S5 Max is also a good option

The S5 Max isn’t quite as fancy as the S6 MaxV, but it does have some stand out features that make this a really good option for cleaning your home.

A seamless mopping experience

The S5 Max has an integrated mop, like the majority of Roborock’s robot vacuums. But it stands out because of the high-capacity water tank. It has a 290ml tank, which holds enough water to clean up to 2600 square-feet, in one cycle. Meaning that you won’t need to worry about the S5 Max needing to be refilled, mid-mopping.


There is also a spring-loaded mop on the S5 Max, which is going to help scrub the floor and make sure it is nice and clean. It presses down 300g of weight from start to finish, to get up all of the messes that might be on your floors.

Powerful suction & carpet boost for a well cleaned floor

The S5 Max offers some pretty powerful suction, rated at 2000Pa. Which is technically strong enough to pick up a AA battery. Meaning, it can get the most stubborn dirt and dust off of your floors. Even the dirt that is ground into the carpet.

This is because it also has carpet boost, which allows the S5 Max to boost the suction on carpet. Since you don’t really need the full 2000Pa on hardwood or laminate floors, but you do on carpet. This is a feature that makes loads of sense.


It’s going to give you a nice deep clean, every single time.

Intelligent LiDAR navigation

Roborock has been using LiDAR on its robot vacuums for years, and it keeps getting better and better. With the S5 Max, it has a high-precision laser navigation system on top of the robot vacuum. This is used to navigate your home, and map out your floor plan.

Mapping out your home is important, as it means the S5 Max won’t miss a spot, and it also knows when it is done cleaning your home. This is also needed for selective room cleaning, which is another feature of the S5 Max.

With Selective Room Cleaning, you are able to tell the Roborock S5 Max to clean a specific room, and once it’s done, it’ll head back to the dock.

Roborock has also outfitted the S5 Max with no go zones and virtual barriers. Allowing the user to keep the S5 Max from entering specific rooms and areas of your home.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the LiDAR system on the S5 Max. Which makes the laser navigation all the more important.

Control the Roborock S5 Max with your phone (or voice)

You are able to control the Roborock S5 Max with the Roborock app (available on iOS and Android). With the app, you can see your floor plan, which allows you to also see the route that the S5 Max has taken to clean your home.

The app has many other features available too, like scheduling when the S5 Max will start vacuuming. As well as adjusting the cleaning and mopping modes on the S5 Max.

One of the more useful, but somewhat underrated, features of the app, is the maintenance section. This will tell you when you need to clean the sensors, replace the filter and the brushes. So you can keep the S5 Max running in tip-top shape.

Finally, the app also has support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This means that you can tell Google to have your Roborock start cleaning your home.

The Roborock S5 Max will be 20% off during Prime Day, allowing you to pick it up for $439.

Buy Roborock S5 Max

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Roborock H6 Adapt

Buying the Roborock H6 Adapt is a no-brainer

The Roborock H6 Adapt is a really good complement to your robot vacuum. Even though these robot vacuums are very capable, sometimes it’s just easier to pick up the H6 Adapt and clean up a mess that your kids made.

The Roborock H6 Adapt is unbelievably lightweight

For a cordless stick vacuum, the H6 Adapt is very lightweight. It weighs in at only three pounds (or 1.4kg).

The first time I picked it up to vacuum, I was shocked at how lightweight it truly was. Making it a lot easier to use to clean the cobwebs off of the wall and dust from around the air vents that are above my head.

What’s even more unbelievable is how lightweight the H6 Adapt is, while still being very powerful. It’s driven by a 420W brushless motor, so it won’t scratch up your linoleum floors, and it has a maximum suction strength of 150AW.

A battery that never stops

With the H6 Adapt, Roborock had to put in a big enough battery that it could last for a long time, but not so big that it made the cordless stick vacuum heavy. This is thanks to a lithium-polymer battery, which is the same battery system found on drones. That’s how Roborock was able to offer a long-lasting battery on the H6 Adapt without making it a heavy stick vacuum.

The battery in the Roborock H6 Adapt is rated for around 90 minutes in Eco mode, or about 10 minutes in Max mode.

Obviously, the H6 Adapt was not meant to clean your entire home in Max mode. It was meant to pick up messes that your kids made, quickly and efficiently.

However, 90 minutes in Eco mode means that you can clean your whole house with this cordless stick vacuum, if you really wanted too.

There is also a small screen on the handle, which will let you know how much time is left, before the H6 Adapt runs out of juice. Which is a really genius feature to put on a vacuum like this. When you switch into Max mode, it also adjusts for the shorter runtime in that mode versus Eco mode.

Buy Roborock H6 Adapt

Roborock has a vacuum for everyone. Whether it’s a robot vacuum, or a cordless stick vacuum to clean up your home. There’s something for everyone.