You can buy the PlayStation Dualsense Controller for $60 Today

PS5 DualSense Controller 5

Since the PlayStation 5 was announced in 2020, it and its accessories have yet to really get discounted. Until now. The Playstation DualSense controller is on sale today for just $59. That’s going to save you $10 off of the regular price. And all of the colors are available in this sale.

That includes the default white color, midnight black, cosmic red, starlight blue, nova pink and galactic purple.

The DualSense controller is what comes with the PlayStation 5, so it’s a great idea to pick up an additional controller. Especially since this can be used with other things like playing games on your tablet, or even on your Steam Deck. With this controller, you can also plug in a gaming headset directly into the controller thanks to the 3.5mm headphone jack. Something your smartphone probably doesn’t have.


Now, the PlayStation DualSense controller is not the only PS5 accessory on sale today. The PlayStation HD Camera, and PlayStation PULSE 3D wireless headset are both on sale for $10 less. They are $49 and $89, respectively.

The PlayStation PULSE 3D wireless headset is available in white and the midnight black colors. These are great headsets to use if you are playing games online with your friends. So you can interact with them very easily.

Then there’s the PlayStation HD Camera. It’s able to capture in 1080p resolution, thanks to the dual wide-angle lenses. This is great for streaming, especially since PlayStation has given you background removal tools here. So you can take center stage in your productions. There’s also a built-in stand, so you can put it under your TV, or off to the side, depending on what would work best for you.


You can pick up the PlayStation DualSense Controller, PlayStation HD Camera and the PlayStation PULSE 3D wireless headset from Amazon today by clicking here. Beware that this sale is likely not going to last very long, so you’d better be quick here.

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