The Newly Released iPad Air Is $40 Off – Early Black Friday Deals

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Walmart has the iPad Air fourth-generation on sale for $40 off of its regular price. That brings it down to just $559. And considering it only started shipping last week, that is rather impressive.

This is a 10.9-inch, WiFi model with 64GB of storage inside. That's double the storage of the regular iPad, which is now $299. This is the first iPad that Apple has released in a number of colors, including silver, space gray, rose gold, green, and sky blue. Instead of just space gray, silver/white and gold.

The iPad Air is a great tablet to pick up, even for Android users. Since there aren't many great Android tablets around. But it also provides a great experience for getting work done, watching some movies and shows, and even for playing some games. Of course, all of Google's apps are available on the iPad, and some might say they perform even better on the iPad.


This tablet features Apple's A14 Bionic chipset – the same chipset that is in the new iPhone 12. And it is mighty powerful. It runs circles around almost anything that runs on Android, which is rather surprising. But we have to remember that Apple controls the entire ecosystem. From the chipset to the software. So it is able to really optimize its Silicon for the iPad and for iPadOS. Which is why it can run better on lesser hardware, compared to something like the Galaxy Tab S7 series.

If you're looking to grab a tablet, then the iPad Air is a really great option. It's super thin and lightweight – hence the "Air" name – and it has a ton of great apps available. Far more than any Android tablet has. And that's really telling.

You can pick up the iPad Air from Walmart today by clicking this link. This is the Black Friday price for the tablet, so you might as well grab it now, and beat the Black Friday rush.

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iPad Air - Walmart - $559