Upgrade To Google WiFi For Only $149 This Cyber Monday

google wifi

Amazon has the three-pack of Google WiFi on sale for just $149, for Cyber Monday. Normally it is priced at $199, so this is a pretty good deal. And a good way to improve the WiFi in your home.

With Google WiFi, you’re going to be able to get rid of all of those dead spots and speed up your home WiFi. It’s also very simple to setup, thanks to the app that Google has created.

This is a Mesh WiFi system is a set of satellites that connect to the main router that is connected to your modem. This sounds a lot like a signal extender or repeater, but in all honesty, it’s a whole lot better. It does not “repeat” the signal. Which is what usually results in the WiFi network getting worse speeds when using a signal repeater.


In fact, with a Mesh WiFi system, you will more than likely see improved WiFi speeds. And that right there is a pretty big deal, for a number of reasons.

Google WiFi comes in a three-pack, which has enough juice to cover up to 4,500 square feet. That’s going to be plenty for most people. You can also opt to only use one or two, if you think all three would be overkill.

With the app, Google allows you to quickly change the SSID as well as your WiFi password. You can quickly share the password, set up a guest network and even pause your WiFi. This is an easy way to get your kids attention, for dinner time or something else. It also provides you with information on what devices are connected, bandwidth used and so forth.


You can pick up Google WiFi from Amazon by clicking here. This deal is likely not going to last long, and may be gone before the end of the day. So you’ll want to act fast.

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