It's Time To Upgrade Your WiFi With the Eero 6 Mesh WiFi System

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Amazon has the eero 6 Mesh WiFi System on sale right now for just $169.That’s down from $279. That’s not the lowest it has ever been, but it is pretty close.

This is for a three-pack, which includes an eero 6 router and two eero 6 extenders, allowing you to really blanket your home in WiFi, and get rid of any deadspots that you might have.

It’s worth mentioning that this price is only available for Amazon Prime members, as this is an early Prime Day sale. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Prime here, and take advantage of this price.


The eero 6 three-pack is able to cover around 5,000 square-feet, which is enough to cover most homes and then some. The extenders can be placed elsewhere around your home, and give you places for wired internet, as well as great WiFi in places like the basement where it might not get as great of a signal.

eero is super easy to setup, the eero app will walk you through the entire process. You can also easily setup a guest network for when you have people over. The app also allows you to block ads from the router level, so that everything on your network can block ads. Additionally 1Password is built-in too.

Speaking of things that are built-in, Zigbee is also built-in. So that your eero 6 router can work as a hub for your smart home, depending on what devices you have in your home, which can be very useful.


The eero 6 is good for speeds up to 500Mbps. If you have a gigabit connection like myself, then you are going to want to grab the eero Pro 6 (which is not currently on sale, unfortunately). Otherwise you won’t get your full speed, and then what’s the point of paying for gigabit?

eero is a really good mesh WiFi system to put in your home. It’ll improve your WiFi and your coverage, not to mention, it’s pretty easy to control. Whether you want to pause the WiFi, change the password, or something else.

You can pick up the eero 6 three-pack from Amazon today by clicking here. 


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