Save $150 On the Best Robot Vacuum Money Can Buy (Right Now)!

Ecovacs deebot x1 omni review AM AH 08

Today, Amazon has a great sale on the new ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 Omni Robot Vacuum, which can be yours for $1,399. That’s $150 off of its regular price. That is not a huge discount, about 10%, but remember that this just went on sale in March. So to see it get a discount like this already, is actually very surprising. And it is the very best robot vacuum that money can buy right now.

With this version, you get the Omni station. A first in the industry. After vacuuming, your DEEBOT returns to station and automatically empties the dustbin. After mopping, it automatically washes the mop heads and dries them with hot air. Experience a whole new level of freedom from cleaning.

With superior 5,000PA suction power, your DEEBOT picks debris more effectively from both hard floor and carpets. The all-new OZMO Turbo rotating mopping system works doubly hard in removing stubborn stains and debris, leaving the floor clean as new.


With TrueMapping, the most advanced laser-based navigation system, your DEEBOT scans home environment to create the most efficient and fastest cleaning paths. Unmatched precision mapping and navigation result in methodical coverage with fewer missed spots.

Didn’t pick up your shoes? No worries. AIVI 3D Technology automatically identifies, recognizes and avoids obstacles above 2 inches in height with the utmost accuracy and precision-even in the dark.

Using your X1 OMNI will feel like second nature. The voice command system makes cleaning your house as simple as saying, “Ok YIKO, vacuum under the sofa in the living room.” YIKO is a natural control system that’s even easier than the push of a button. DEEBOT X1 family combines seamless functionality and timeliness beauty that looks beautiful even when it’s not hard at work.


You can pick up the ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 Omni from Amazon today by clicking here. This sale will not last long, so you better be quick.