Pick up the ecobee 3 Lite Smart Thermostat For $99

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Woot has the ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat on sale right now, dropping the price down to just $99. That’s the lowest we’ve ever seen the ecobee3 Lite.

The ecobee3 lite is a great choice for a smart thermostat. Because it looks really slick on the wall in your home. Since it is all black with very little on the display. So it doesn’t really look like a high-tech thing in your home.

On top of that, it makes it easy to control your thermostat from your phone, so you never have to get up and off of the couch to adjust the temperature. That’s great for those that have trouble getting up, or perhaps forgot to lower the heat before they left for work.


Speaking of which, the ecobee3 lite will also help you save some cash on heating and cooling costs. That’s because it will keep your home at a specific temperature and using the room sensors, it’s able to keep the entire home at that temperature, instead of just parts of it.

ecobee says that within a year, the ecobee3 lite  will pay for itself. Now that number is at its regular price of $199, now that it is $139, it’ll probably pay for itself within eight or nine months, if not less.

The ecobee3 lite  is compatible with Alexa too. Now unlike the ecobee4, there is not Alexa built-in, it just works with Alexa. Allowing you to use your voice to ask Alexa to adjust the temperature in your home. Which is definitely a really nice feature to have. Unfortunately, Google Assistant is not available on the ecobee3 lite, only Amazon Alexa.


You can pick up the ecobee3 lite  smart thermostat from Woot right now for just $99 by clicking here. This price isn’t going to last long, so you might want to pick it up before it’s gone.

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