The COSORI Air Fryer Max XL Is Back Down To $99

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The COSORI Air Fryer is currently on sale over at Amazon for just $99.98. That’s going to save you $20 off of its regular price. That is not a huge deal, but still worth picking up.

With the COSORI Air Fryer, you’re going to be able to eat healthier without cutting out your favorite foods like french fries, onion rings and such. Since it uses air to fry instead of oil, you are getting rid of the majority of the fat and extra calories. Not to mention, it tastes better when it’s air fried.

A Cosori Air Fryer means so much more than fries. Serve up egg bakes, impressive sides, desserts, roasted veggies, and just about any protein, expertly cooked.


You won’t find a preheating option in many other air fryers. Preheating visibly improves food texture and takes 2 to 5 minutes! That certainly beats the time-consuming preheating of traditional ovens.

Unique to the Cosori Air Fryer: a helpful Shake reminder, letting you know when to shake the contents for an even fry. Try the Keep Warm function if you need your food well kept for awhile.

These air fryer accessories are perfect for making french fries, onion rings, chicken strips, roast vegetables, pizzas, cookies, biscuits, fish, mozzarella sticks, pork, corn dogs, prawns, broccoli and many others with better taste.


You make the selection, and the machine takes care of the calculations. The LED panel helps you make excellent choices—no matter what food you decide to make.

Made of healthy and safe food grade and heat-resisting materials, our accessories are FDA Compliant and BPA free, no worry about any hazardous chemicals, enjoy funny and healthy cooking.

You can pick up the COSORI Air Fryer from Amazon in this sale today by clicking here. This sale is not going to last long, so you’ll want to pick it up before it is gone.


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