Put Alexa In Your Bedroom With $100 Off The Bose Home Speaker 500

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Amazon has the Bose Home Speaker 500 on sale right now for just $299. That's going to save you $100 off of this speaker. Which is impressive, seeing as Bose products are rarely on sale – though we are still seeing some sales leftover from the holidays.

This is a smart speaker that you can pick up and use with Amazon Alexa built-in. So you can control your smart home devices using your voice with the Bose Home Speaker 500. As well as telling Alexa to play music on this speaker and much more. This isn't a "works with Alexa" but rather "Alexa built-in" meaning that you basically have an Echo built into this speaker.

What's interesting and somewhat unique about this speaker is that there is a tiny screen on the front of the speaker. Which can show you the time, like a clock or whatever next to your bed. But if you are playing music, you can also see the album art on the screen. Which is a really cool feature to have.


The Bose Home Speaker 500 offers up some really great sound quality, which is what we'd expect from Bose. The company is known for offering some great looking devices with incredible audio quality. The Bose Home Speaker 500 offers up some crystal clear mids and highs. As well as some thumping bass. Though, it is not super powerful, where it will overpower and drown out the mids and highs. It's a good balance of the three.

It also offers the Bose Home Speaker 500 in both silver and black. The silver is pretty nice looking, though the black looks even better, especially with the black bezel around the display on the Bose Home Speaker 500.

You can pick up the Bose Home Speaker 500 with Amazon Alexa built-in from Amazon today in this sale by clicking here. This price is not going to last long, so you'll want to grab it before it is gone.

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