The Blue Yeti Nano Microphone Will Drastically Improve Your Twitch Streams For $90

Blue Yeti Nano Microphone

Amazon has the Blue Yeti Nano USB microphone on sale today for just $89.99. That’s going to save you $10 off of its regular price. Making this a really great time to pick one up.

The Blue Yeti Nano is a really great microphone to use for Twitch live streams, doing voiceovers for YouTube and other videos, and even for doing Zoom calls. The audio quality from this microphone is really impressive.

Capture legendary Blue broadcast sound with exceptional presence and detail for podcasting, YouTube productions, game streaming, Skype calls and voice over work. The cardioid pattern is perfect for recording and streaming, while omni puts you “in the room” for conference calls. Monitor your recordings with precision in real time using the built-in headphone output and volume control to make sure you sound great before you go live. Quickly adjust headphone volume, mic mute and pickup pattern so you can focus on your performance.


Give your podcast, video, or game stream the production value it deserves. With Yeti Nano, you’ll be heard loud and clear every time. Yeti Nano fits great on any desktop and looks great on camera, providing a professional streaming aesthetic that takes up minimal screen space. Compass premium microphone boom arm sold separately. Fine-tune your sound with deep control of Yeti Nano.

Manage your mic gain, headphone volume, monitoring preferences and pickup pattern selection right from your desktop. Start recording quickly and easily with driver-free operation on Mac and PC.

The Blue Yeti Nano USB microphone also comes in a slew of colors. These include Blackout, Shadow Grey, Cubano Gold, Vivid Blue and Red Onyx. However, only the Shadow Grey is on sale today.


You can pick up the Blue Yeti Nano USB microphone from Amazon today by clicking here. This sale isn’t going to last very long, so you’d better hurry and grab yours before it is gone.

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