Apple's M1-Powered MacBook Pro Is Up To $200 Off

Apple new macbookpro wallpaper screen 11102020

Amazon currently has both the M1 MacBook Pro on sale. Allowing you to save up to $200 off of the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air is also on sale for $949 – that’s just $50 off.

The 256GB MacBook Pro M1 is on sale for $1,149 which is $149 off of its regular price. The 512GB model is on sale for $1,299 and that is $199 off of its regular price. If you need more storage, than the MacBook Pro is a really great deal with 512GB of storage.

Then there is the MacBook Air which is on sale for $949, while the 512GB model is on sale for $1,149 – that’s $100 off.


These two laptops are very similar. The big difference is that the MacBook Air is a lighter and thinner, and does not include a fan. While the MacBook Pro has a slightly brighter display, two fans inside (that you will almost certainly never hear), and a brighter display. Because the Pro is thicker and heavier, it does offer better battery life.

So if you are one that prefers to work outside, or at Starbucks from time to time, the Pro might be the better option.

These are the M1-powered models, which means you’re going to get great battery life here. Up to 18 hours on the Air and up to 20 hours on the Pro. Which is pretty incredible, and in my experience, also accurate.


The M1 chipsets are really powerful, without using much power. I’ve used an M1 MacBook Pro for the past year, and my mind has been blown. I’ve actually moved back to using Chrome on it, because it actually works without bogging down the system.

If you’re looking for a new laptop for work or school, then this is a great option. Even if you’re looking to start your YouTube career, this is also a great option. While it’s not perfect for editing 8K video, most people are not doing 8K video, and might not even be doing 4K video.

You can pick up both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro by clicking the links below.


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