The Anker PowerExtend USB-C Is Now Just $25

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Amazon has the  Anker PowerExtend USB-C on sale today for just $24.99. That is about $18 off of its regular price. Obviously not a huge deal here, but that is still nearly 30% off of its regular price. So it’s worth picking up. And a great addition to any home office. As it gives you AC outlets and additional USB ports on your desk.

The PowerExtend is similar to its predecessor, the PowerPort Cube. That’s because it has AC outlets on three sides, and then the top sports two USB-A ports and a USB-C PD port. The USB-A ports do support Anker’s PowerIQ technology. So it can charge your phone, smartwatch, or tablet at the fastest speeds possible.

Meanwhile, USB-C PD is able to charge at 30W. It’s not the fastest that USB-C PD can do, but it is fast enough for most smartphones. The new Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Fold 3 also support 25W charging. So it’s a good speed to have. Additionally, it is backwards compatible, so even if your phone doesn’t support the full 30W charging, it can still charge as fast as possible.


The three AC outlets are nice to have on your desk too, to plug in different things, like maybe some Philips Hue lights, or a lamp, or something else that you might want on your desk. Without needing to climb behind your desk and plug things into the wall. It makes AC outlets a lot more accessible in your home office. Which is definitely really nice to have.

This cube is actually larger than you might think. So if you do buy it, don’t be surprised at how big it actually is.

You can pick up the Anker PowerExtend USB-C from Amazon today by clicking here. But you better hurry and grab this deal, as this price is not going to last long.


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