Save 30% On The Anker Nebula Apollo Portable Projector Today

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Today, you can save up to 30% on the Anker Nebula Apollo portable projector today. That brings the price down to $244.99.

Keep in mind that this price is good today only, as it is part of the Gold Box Deal of the Day. And it will expire at midnight PST tonight.  

The Anker Nebula Apollo is a great option for those going back to school this year. As it’ll take up less space in their dorm or apartment, and still allow them to relax and watch some TV too. The only downside is that it is not that bright at only 200ANSI Lumen. But that is pretty common when it comes to these portable projectors.


Apollo can offer up an 100-inch picture on your wall. Which is really nice. Though, this is not a short-throw projector, so it does need to be across the room. It won’t be as crisp as a 4K TV, mostly because it is a projector. The actual resolution here is 854×480, which is quite low. But it’s also the cheapest projector in Nebula’s lineup.

It runs on Android 7.1, so you can download just about any Android app you want onto this projector. However, Netflix is the only caveat here. Because Netflix has to approve each device that it runs on, you need to sideload the app and run it from a specific folder on the projector each time. It is really not a great experience.

This is a portable projector, and you’ll get up to four hours of run time on this one. That’s enough for a movie or two. So it’s nice to have.


You can pick up the Anker Nebula Apollo from Amazon today by clicking here. But you better hurry and grab this deal, as this price is not going to last long.

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